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Bubba Wallace Savagely Shuts Down Unwarranted “Who F*cking Cares” Dig, Fans in Splits

Published 11/19/2023, 8:37 PM EST

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Football and NASCAR share more than just the roar of the crowd; they also boast a legion of fervent fans. These sports not only captivate hordes of young fans but also lure NASCAR drivers into their fold. Recently, we spilled the beans about Denny Hamlin, Martin Truex Jr, and Kyle Busch sharing a mutual admiration for a certain football star. Now, here’s Bubba Wallace, who is dead set on catching this weekend’s headline game, making the most of his offseason.

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However, things took a turn when a fan’s comment struck a nerve with Wallace. He had just shared a snapshot of his camper van. The excitement further escalated when Bubba Wallace decided to turn up the heat on a fan who displayed a cavalier attitude, posing the attitude of ‘Who gives a f*ck’? 

The savage side of Bubba Wallace was revealed once again


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While Kyle, Samantha, and Kurt Busch were over the moon, mingling with the F1 crowd in Las Vegas, Michael Jordan’s ace driver decided to march to the beat of a different drum, setting his heart on the thrills of KnoxVegas. The moment Wallace expressed his enthusiasm to witness the action live by posting his RV with a caption, “Posted up in knoxvegas!!  @Vol_Football” at Neyland Stadium, he caught a barbed comment from a fan named William Conover, who bluntly reposted Wallace’s update with a caption that read, “Who f*cking cares?”

Wallace, never one to bite his tongue, clapped back with a zinger. He flipped the script by reposting Conover’s jibe, quipping, “Well ole Billy…you follow me…so I’d say you care yourself. Make it make sense💁,”  asking the fan to connect the dots on his own.


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What else could we expect? While many drivers would have let such snark slide, Wallace, ever true to his roots, dished out as good as he got. The fan’s post even snagged its fifteen minutes of fame. 

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All’s fair on social media, right? However, the reason could also be that the game’s outcome might not have been the victory Wallace was hoping for.

Bubba Wallace’s fans were tickled pink by his witty comeback

Catching the NFL or college football is a rare treat for drivers in NASCAR. Bubba Wallace, however, wasn’t going to miss out on this season’s thrills. But as luck would have it, his hopes were dashed when Georgia clinched another victory, their winning streak hitting a high of 11-0.

And while Wallace was already disappointed, the fan’s comment rubbed him the wrong way, and some back-and-forth banter was almost expected.  True to form, fans rallied behind their hero.

One fan quipped, “Bro was up at 5am on a Sunday ready to tweet you lmao. Dedicated hater 😂😂😂.”

Another fan cheered for Wallace’s no-nonsense attitude, exclaiming, “Savage. This is the bubba the world needs! Keep on bro!”


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A fan humorously pointed out, “You need new haters Bubba, the old ones have unironically became fans 😂🤝🏾😂”

While some fans threw their support behind Wallace, others simply reveled in the drama, chuckling, “😂😂😂 Got to love the trolls!”, and “RIGHT! So funny the folks who comment ‘no one cares’ but the comment or follow indicate opposite 😆”

A keen NASCAR follower analyzed the situation, noting, “He got the reaction he wanted. Lol you made him a little more famous haha.” One fan playfully speculated about the troll’s background: “You know he’s an old white guy with a beard and no high school education LoL !!!!!” probably suggesting that perhaps Wallace shouldn’t have even acknowledged the comment.


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These trolls can be a source of laughter, but they can also rub celebrities the wrong way, especially when they’re not in the mood. And it seemed Bubba Wallace was definitely not in one for such antics.

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