“Can’t Wait to See…”—NASCAR Fans Have No Expectations From Hendrick Motorsports Despite Their Bold Claim

Published 01/22/2023, 9:46 AM EST

Hendrick Motorsports has been powering through with its plans of getting into the iconic Le Mans Endurance race. The plans had been in making for quite a long time. Moreover, the team had also planned to bring their custom spec-built, Next-Gen car to the Garage 56 project.

Fans have often heard rumblings about the progress of the project, including the rumors of who would be driving it. However, despite all the progress Hendrick Motorsport has made on the project, some people still have a negative sentiment regarding it.


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Earlier, even the team’s owner, Rick Hendrick had mentioned how it was a “full-blown effort” from their side. Periodically, the team has also uploaded images and videos of the car as it developed. However, the criticism surrounding the project has been around since day one.


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Recently, the team shared a short video on their Instagram handle, which seemed to be more of a hype for the project. However, it seems to have only showcased that fans have no expectations of it.

What did NASCAR fans say about the recent Garage 56 video?

One of the major criticisms raised by several people in and out of the sport is the fact that only Hendrick Motorsport is involved in this project. Since the overall goal was to promote the NASCAR Cup Series car, people argue that it should have been a collaborative effort, not just NASCAR choosing a single team over the others.


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Clearly, everyone looked at NASCAR’s inherent bias towards Hendrick Motorsports for this one. Meanwhile, the fans of the sport said, Can’t wait to see this car 3 laps off the pace.” A user mentioned, Can’t wait to watch this get smoked by Team Corvette, while another added, $20 says it doesn’t even make it to sundown.” A fan even said, so you haven’t seen lemans or WEC before? If you had you’d know that this NASCAR has no chance of beating a hypercar.”

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Things went further downhill thereafter, with multiple people commenting and even going as far as betting on it to be a doomed project. The car would be no match against the regular Le Mans entries.

Its main purpose is to be a show car. And that is exactly what HMS would be doing, so that, it can be classified as one giant promotional success. But fans are not too sure about that either. The no-show of confidence of fans seems justified at this point in time.



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