“Cars are Super Easy to Drive by Themselves”: Brad Keselowski Calls NASCAR Cup Series Cars Too Easy

July 23, 2020 9:26 pm

After the Texas race, NASCAR driver Brad Keselowski advised NASCAR that ‘drivers should be promoted and/or demoted based on their performance at NASCAR’s highest level’.

After that, one of the things he talked about is that the new regulations and restrictions. And stated that it is making the car almost ‘too easy’ to drive.

In recent times, NASCAR has enforced a couple of measures to safeguard the lives of the drivers. These steps have made them safer than ever.

However, some of these regulations have made cars a bit easier to drive. And multiple drivers have stated this fact.

NBC Sports reports that Brad said, “When you’ve got this rules package with cars that are super easy to drive by themselves,”. Keselowski added, “it’s very hard for NASCAR, I think, to be able to tell who’s got it and who doesn’t.”

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Matt Kenseth Agrees with Brad Keselowski

After that on Tuesday, veteran driver, Matt Kenseth shared some similar views about the car being a bit easier to drive, while in conversation with Sporting News.

He said, “As you get farther and farther back in the pack. I think no matter how good a driver you are unless your car is just way, way superior. Which it’s very hard to get that big of an advantage.

“And it’s just very difficult to pass and work your way through the field.”

After that, he added, “When you start there, you really don’t know what you have a lot of times unless you can get a little bit of separation. Green flag pit stops and some clear air, something like that.

“It’s way more about track position and having that air than what it ever has been.”

Last year, even Joey Logano said in an interview with Sporting News. He said that it was the “most significant rules change NASCAR had forced in a very long time.

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