Cars Will Have ‘Underglow’ Lighting for The NASCAR All-Star Race at Bristol Motor Speedway

By 4 weeks ago

On Wednesday, the NASCAR Cup Series will race at Bristol Motor Speedway in Tennessee. The Tennessee track will host the All-Star race for the first time. It is the first time that the race will be running on any track other than the Charlotte Motor Speedway.

This race has been used as an experimental race, where NASCAR has tried all sorts of things for the season.

Underglow lighting will be an addition to the vehicles already secured in the NASCAR Cup Series All-Star Race, Yahoo! Sports reported recently.

Last year, Chip Ganassi Racing initially utilized the lights at a Broadway occasion during Champion’s Week in Nashville. The NASCAR ‘underglow’ rule will apply just for those vehicles who automatically qualified for the occasion.

The lighting could see various groups utilize various hues like Ford will be blue, Chevy will be amber, and Toyota will be red. Bozi Tatarevic initially reported on Twitter in regards to this turn of events, included that the lighting won’t add to the heaviness of the vehicle.

NASCAR will be utilizing traditional lightweight LED strips. It is done in order to keep the added weight under six ounces. The underglow lighting strips will likewise be pasted using four inches of foil tape.

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NASCAR All-Star will feature the ‘Cone Rule’

Different changes to the All-Star Race incorporate a choose cone rule, in which drivers will pick which path they need to be in before a restart.

At the point when drivers approach an assigned spot on the track, they should focus within or outside the path for the restart. The inability to make this decision or a move to another lane after the assigned spot will bring about a penalty.

This is unique in relation to the current double-file restart system, where just the race leader picks his path. The All-Star Race enables each driver to settle on his own choice, and methodology will possibly become the most important factor in each case.

In addition, NASCAR will use another paint scheme idea. One which moves the vehicle’s side-entryway numbers in reverse on the vehicle toward the back wheel.

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