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Chase Briscoe, driving behind the wheels of the No. 14 Ford Mustang is presently ranked 17th in the Cup Series Standings. Briscoe’s performance seems to be improving, though at a slower pace. There was a time when SHR was in full glory, thanks to Kevin Harvick’s unmatched racing abilities. However, that’s part of history never to return. The legend announced his retirement last season, further taking up the role of a race analyst.

Briscoe, in a recent interview with the Beating and Banging’ channel on YouTube, discussed the impact of Kevin Harvick’s retirement on the team and himself.

How Harvick’s retirement has affected the team SHR


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The 2023 Cup Series Season left Tony Stewart with loose hands. Besides Kevin Harvick, another veteran racer Aric Almirola also left the Stewart-Haas Racing team. Chase Briscoe providing insights about the present changed dynamics of the team opened up, saying, “I would just say honestly just the shop morale is different”. 

Briscoe, in his statements, explained the changed scenario, “You know when we had Kevin there you know if Hall of Famer is not winning and running up front, like you instantly know that just something is not right”.

Pondering upon the current situation, the No. 14 SHR driver conveyed, “Internally we’ve changed a lot of our processes and things that we do at the shop and just trying to make things more structured and organized. And honestly just work more as a cohesive unit.

He also highlighted how the ongoing situation has forced the team to embrace the transition. “In the past, it was kind of four separate teams doing their own thing…. right now the teams definitely have worked more together, than any time that I’ve been at Stewart-Haas. So I do feel like that’s some of the reasoning … just the dynamics of the place is kind of different.”

Chase Briscoe Feels Confident about His Present Role in the Team


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The 29-year-old Indiana native is the current lead performer for the Stewart-Haas Racing. Nowadays, Briscoe is often referred to as Tony Stewart’s Ace in the Cup Championship battle. In the last 6 cup series races for the 2024 season, Briscoe has provided two top-10 finishes and two top-15 finishes. 

Reflecting upon his position in the team, Briscoe expressed his sentiments, “You know at least from the driver’s side you know when I came into the cup series I was just super quiet and like at our competition meetings. You know Kevin and Aric had been in the sport 10 15 years and they were going to steer the ship of the place.”

“Where now I feel like, I definitely can use my voice and kind of be more of a leader. I feel more confident in that too. It’s been nice to kind of have that luxury now of just feeling like I can kind of speak my own opinion and if I’m passionate about something you know make it aware that I’m passionate about it,” concluded Briscoe.


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Summing it all together, the team SHR has a lot to prove. Racing Fans and enthusiasts highly anticipate the moment the SHR fleet clinches their first win for the season.

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