“[Dale] Jr Needs To Know This” – Kenny Wallace Unearths Rare $29,575 Dale Earnhardt Tribute

Published 10/21/2023, 1:31 PM EDT

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To NASCAR fans, the legacy of Dale Earnhardt is immortal. One person, who falls under the category of a fan as well as a racer who battled with the Intimidator on track, is Kenny Wallace. The former Cup Series driver recently uncovered a forgotten gem on a recent episode of The Kenny Wallace Show. It is a worthy tribute to ‘the Man in Black’ and something that Dale Earnhardt Jr might be intent on keeping for himself.

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Over the years, there have been a number of tributes for the late great Dale Earnhardt. Fans have often customized their personal vehicles to symbolize the seven-time Cup Series champion. From pick-up trucks to Model Cars, The Intimidator’s legacy is imprinted on a number of vehicles across the country. But there’s something special about what Kenny Wallace unearthed.

Kenny Wallace reveals a special surprise for Dale Earnhardt Jr


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On the episode of The Kenny Wallace Show, the former Cup Series driver was shown a rare Dale Earnhardt tribute car made by Chevrolet. These pieces of beauty are quite rare as the manufacturer had only made 3,333 of them. It is a tribute to The Intimidator’s on-track car number, #3.

The Chevy sported a slick black color, with the Intimidator’s memories printed in bits and parts. The word “Intimidator” was written on the back and the “#3” was present behind the right rear door, along with an autograph of the seven-time Cup Series champion.


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Wallace was invited by the owner of the Chevy, a man by the name of Mike Francis. Francis said that Dale Earnhardt Jr. should know about it and Kenny Wallace promptly said that he would let The Intimidator’s son know.

“Yeah man, it’s new, so…Junior needs to know this,” Mike Francis said.

“He’ll listen to it, I’ll tell him,” Kenny Wallace answered.

The car was in pristine condition, clean on the inside and the outside, with fresh tires. Its cost was only $29,575, which amazed Wallace. What the car needs is a bit of driving, otherwise the mechanics inside would be affected. Pertaining to this, Kenny Wallace shared a story about his father, Russell Wallace Sr and Kenny Schrader.

“So, quickly, Kenny Schrader had like 63 licensed vehicles and we lost our dad Russ but Schrader would say, Russell, come over to my garage every day and drive one of my cars because we know that the older cars, the rubbers will harden up and the motor starts leaking all over,” Kenny Wallace said.

Kenny Wallace might just reach out to Junior with the car as he is grateful to Dale for fulfilling his lifelong dream at the age of 60. 

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It was one of Kenny Wallace’s dreams to drive in a Cars Tour series and the co owner of the series, Dale Earnhardt Jr made that dream come true. He made his debut in Junior’s Cars Tour at the South Boston Speedway. The 60-year-old might not have won, but he put up a commendable display.

The former Cup Series driver made his goals pretty clear from the race. There was a hunger to win that his fans are all too familiar with.

Before the race, he said, “I want to win. That’s why I’m coming. I don’t do appearances anymore. I’m coming to race. I want to qualify top 20, and I want to finish in the top 10. I don’t want to embarrass myself. Those three things. It’s hard for me to go ‘I’m going to run in the top five.’ Now, I can run in the top five, but I think that’s a pretty lofty goal against these great racers. I want to qualify top 20, run top 10, and when I’m done, make sure they remember I was there.


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The 60-year-old might not have won the Cup title in his career, but he is someone that fans have loved and respected over the years. We hope he never stops making such good content. 

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