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Dale Earnhardt Jr Reveals the Lesser-Known Side of Jimmie Johnson as He Sends NASCAR an Important Message

Published 11/16/2023, 7:25 PM EST

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Jimmie Johnson has always possessed an easy-going personality whether it’s on the track or off it. While his skills behind the wheel got him adulation and ever-lasting fame, his behind-the-scenes identity is lesser-known. Luckily, Dale Earnhardt Jr has had plenty of opportunities to explore that as he recently revealed Johnson’s true persona.

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It is true that competing in the NASCAR Cup Series demands a certain level of discipline. Sometimes it so happens that the drivers tend to conceal their true selves in order to maintain that decorum. While that is necessary, Junior explained how NASCAR could benefit from the different personalities the drivers have.

Dale Earnhardt Jr reveals the unknown side of the seven-time champion Jimmie Johnson


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Jimmie Johnson and his on-track success need no promotion. Winning the Cup Series seven times itself is a massive achievement. While the former Hendrick Motorsports driver was as prolific as one could be in chases to the championship, there is more to him than just being a phenomenal racer.

Speaking on “Kenny Conversation” recently, Kenny Wallace and Dale Earnhardt Jr discussed how important it is for the sport to successfully harness the drivers’ full marketable potential. Not long ago, Wallace argued how NASCAR should promote their drivers and help get the sport more recognition.


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While Junior was asked to comment on the type of drivers currently available, he said, “Absolutely, our drivers are great personalities. They are entertaining people.” It is then that he revealed the true nature of Jimmie Johnson. He said, “Jimmy Johnson is one of the most interesting coolest guys that I’ve ever met.”


Dale Jr added, “This guy has a fun sense of humor, likes to goof off, and gets wild every once in a while.” He then explained how racing for Hendrick Motorsports influenced his formal personality. Junior said, “[Johnson] was with Lowe’s and he was with Hendrick Motorsports and a lot of things sort of quelled that sort of personality from really ever coming out.

“He wasn’t all that eager to showcase that side of him to the rest of the world for whatever reason. That person that I knew never really became that well-known to the rest of the world. They only knew him as Jimmy the seven-time Champion that drives for Hendrick Motorsports, sponsored by Lowe’s. I knew him as this really kicka** fun guy that I love to hang out and drink beer with.”

Having used Johnson as an example, the 49-year-old explained how NASCAR has some exceptional personalities and should capitalize by using them. Dale Jr said, “So all our drivers are fun badass people and I feel like it is somewhat NASCAR’s responsibility to take advantage of their avenues, the things that they’re connected to and the access that they have certainly do work to get the drivers into certain places right outside of our bubble.”

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While he advised NASCAR to take advantage, Junior explained how his sponsor capitalized on his personality during his racing days.

Dale Earnhardt Jr reveals how Budweiser made the best out of him in promotions

It is no secret that NASCAR needs to promote the sport more and better using their drivers. Dale Earnhardt Jr gave an idea of how the sport can benefit using his own example from the past. During his Cup Series days, his sponsor Budweiser did incredibly well in using Junior’s fame.


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Speaking about it on the same show, Dale Jr said, “Budweiser probably had more access and ability to shoot us into the stratosphere more than any other brand and they did. They took advantage of all of that sending me to boxing matches, getting me into Rolling Stone. We did all types of articles in publications that weren’t asking or calling for NASCAR drivers.”

He added, “We did MTV Cribs multiple times. I did cribs three or four times. I went to MTV and introduced during the MTV Music Awards Linkin Park. It wasn’t uncommon to see a NASCAR driver at the CMT Awards but at the MTV Music Awards, you weren’t seeing NASCAR guys there.”


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It does make sense in what Dale Jr had to say. After all, the personalities at NASCAR’s disposal right now could make a ton of difference in promotions. Who do you think could be the most helpful in this regard? Let us know in the comments below.

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