Dale Earnhardt Jr Slams Bubba Wallace for “Overreacting” as He Pulls a “Chase Elliott,” Asking to Be Fired

Published 04/01/2023, 10:43 PM EDT

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The 2023 season hasn’t fared well so far for Bubba Wallace. With three DNFs in six races, something is certainly not going right. Is it something with the car or something related to his decision-making? Whatever it is, it needs to be rectified promptly. However, Wallace only made it worse for himself when he felt demotivated after the COTA race and publicly demanded to be fired. Dale Earnhardt Jr recently had his say on it as he saw glimpses of Chase Elliott in the 23XI Racing driver.

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Wallace has been a controversial figure throughout his career for several reasons. After his comments in Austin, he only invited more criticism. Dale Jr gave an insight into Wallace‘s mind before slamming him.

Dale Earnhardt Jr slams Bubba Wallace as he compares his behavior to Chase Elliott’s

To knowingly demand to get laid off is an act that no sportsperson in a balanced state of mind would do. While the 23XI Racing driver was guilty of it, it can happen to drivers, especially in an intense and stressful competition like the NASCAR Cup Series. To give more perspective to Wallace’s situation, Dale Jr explained the scenario on the latest episode of The Dale Jr Download podcast.

Initially Junior said, “He’s overreacting.”

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He then added how this behavior is somewhat similar to what Chase Elliott used to do early on in his career. The 48-year-old added, “Obviously, I don’t think even he feels that way. What Bubba’s trying to do here is kinda like Chase Elliott used to do all the time. Chase would go run second and say I suck, I’m terrible, I let my dad down.”

If that’s the case, we know how Elliott turned out. If Wallace can replicate him and show the same character, there’s nothing better. However, Dale Jr explained what the 23XI Racing driver was actually trying to say through his comments. He said, “And I don’t think he really feels that way but he wants us to all know that he’s upset, that he doesn’t think that’s good enough.

“I think he feels to a point like yeah I have let my team down and I didn’t win the race and they think that the car is good enough and I didn’t get it done but I don’t think Bubba Wallace genuinely thinks that I need to be replaced.

The former Hendrick Motorsports driver also stressed that Wallace is being too hard on himself.

Clearly, the 29-year-old is feeling the pressure. Hopefully, his mother’s words will help him revive his confidence.

Wallace reconsiders after wanting to be replaced after the COTA race

Wallace must have had a lot of self-doubts after his race finished early last Sunday in Austin. However, his mother had some positive words to encourage him before he sets foot on the track for the race at Richmond Raceway.

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Speaking ahead of the race on the weekend, Wallace explained how his mother has come to his rescue. He said, “My mom had said to me, ‘You know, if you want things to change, you got to change yourself.’ So I’m just trying to change myself and be more active, working out, eating better, and just trying to have a better mindset so Richmond should be good for us.

It remains to see how the former Richard Petty Motorsports driver bounces back from here on. Will he deliver this time or will the race in Richmond again turn out to be disappointing for him?



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