Dale Earnhardt Jr’s Cars Tour’s Star Drops Controversial Verdict On IROC Vs. SRX Debate; Fans Left Livid

Published 01/12/2024, 7:13 AM EST

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Ever since the IROC management announced their plans to resurrect the brand after almost 16 years, all eyes have been on SRX. Touted to be similar, the two promotions have often been subject to a lot of comparisons from fans and industry insiders. And the latest to take sides is Dale Earnhardt Jr owned Car’s Tour star Landon Huffman, who might have invited fans’ wrath with his opinions. 

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The debate has further been aggravated as news recently surfaced that SRX will not be returning this year. Given that the promotion was already highly popular despite its fairly young age, fans and industry insiders have been left perplexed as to why it would suddenly backtrack. And now with Huffman’s take, the debate has reached new heights.

Landon Huffman prefers races at South Boston Speedway over Michigan International Speedway


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It was a quiet Friday when Landon Huffman suddenly decided to pick sides. The driver even engaged in some heated conversations where he was seen defending the promotion of his choice. The Superstar Racing Experience(SRX) and the International Race of Champions(IROC) debate was already a sore subject in the community. While SRX is already close to shutting down with the series announcing the postponement of the 2024 season, IROC is all set to revive itself after it was closed in 2007 As the two promotions navigate unknown waters, fans added their takes deciding which one is better.

By popular opinion, IROC seemed to be the more favored unit. However, when Huffman tweeted, “I for one, would much rather watch SRX at South Boston Speedway over IROC at Michigan any night of the week,” it didn’t go down well with many.


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It is safe to say that Dale Earnhardt Jr’s competition’s driver got himself in some hot water with fans with this statement. However, he was not afraid to retort back to those who opposed his claim. In the end, it did turn out to be quite an interesting comments section.

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Dale Earnhardt Jr’s driver draws fans’ ire with his responses

A couple of fans stated that IROC was the series where real racing took place and not SRX. Their comments were as straight-forward as they could be, and Landon Huffman made sure to give it back to them with similarly cutthroat replies.

As one fan replied to the driver’s tweet complaining about how SRX was a staged event, he certainly didn’t expect Huffman to respond. “IROC at least was real racing, real drivers in real race cars racing for real, SRX, was staged event,” I user commented to which Huffman replied, “Disagree.”

“Gross no thanks. I prefer to see real cars in real tracks not some yeeyee racing in some bumf*** town,” quipped another user, and this time, the CARS tour driver simply commented, “L. O. L.”

Others put forth their case in favor of IROC over SRX as well. Some users believed that the IROC races at Michigan in the 1990s were a thing of beauty, something that Tony Stewart’s series has not been able to match up to.


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“I’d much rather rewatch IROC races from Michigan in the 90s than watch SRX anywhere, but I don’t want SRX to completely go away,” one fan commented.

“1999 IROC Michigan says HI,” wrote another.

Another fan was a lot more direct in his assessment of SRX and IROC as they simply commented, “SRX was mid honestly. Bring on IROC.”


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The SRX vs IROC debate has taken the motorsports world by storm and it seems like this debate will not die down any time soon. Which side are you on? Let us know your opinions.

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