The Intimidator’s NASCAR Legacy in Safe Hands as “The Thriller” Earnhardt Rises Up to Take the Baton From Dale Earnhardt Jr

Published 08/11/2023, 5:01 PM EDT

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Dale Earnhardt Sr.‘s grandson is emerging as a torchbearer for the Earnhardt legacy, impressively upholding the family tradition. As attention pivots to this young talent, NASCAR enthusiasts are captivated by his performance. Part 1 of “The Love of Racing” chronicles a night at North Carolina’s Millbridge Speedway, featuring Wyatt Miller, son of Kelley Earnhardt Miller and LW Miller.

Wyatt’s ventures on dirt tracks nationwide highlight his dedication to the sport, showcasing his potential to carry forward the iconic Earnhardt name in the world of racing.

Kelly Earnhardt on the weight of expectations on young Wyatt


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In the fast-paced world of motorsports, Kelly Earnhardt opened up about the weight of expectations. “We’re from a legacy family. The expectations are high,” she confessed. A fitting moniker, “The Thriller,” sticks to young Wyatt Miller, a name that echoes his energetic racing style. Kelly’s goal is to ensure Wyatt comprehends the grind behind his success, urging him not to rush.

“The Thriller, Wyatt Miller. Well, I thought that was appropriate, so it’s stuck. I don’t want him to get ahead again. I want him to understand the hard work that goes into that. What was sacrificed for my dad to become the race car driver that he did is something that we tried to apply to our kids in terms of you’ve got to go after what you want, and you’ve got to put the work in to make it happen.”, said Kelly.

Drawing parallels among the trio, Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s reserved demeanor


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Amid the perilous realm of motorsports, Kelly Earnhardt also reflected on the grim realities of having endured the tragic loss of a family member. Her father’s perspective echoes: “If something happens to me in a race car, I’m doing what I love doing.” Kelly added, “It is dangerous, and I’ve experienced the worst of the worst when it comes to motorsports and death”. 


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The family’s dynamic is a spectrum. With her dad’s fierce aggression, Dale Jr’s reserved demeanor, and Wyatt’s unique blend of caution and audacity on the track. A paradoxical force, Wyatt embodies calculated aggression that surprises and delights. Akin to his forebearers, he proves that intelligence can meld seamlessly with exhilaration, leaving observers in awe of his ability to tread the line between strategy and thrill-seeking.

“My dad was hardcore aggressive in and out of the race car. Dale [Jr], very reserved, very conservative. Wyatt is like conservative but then aggressive inside the race car. He’s like this mix that when you just see him out here, and you’re like, “Oh, okay, that kid races. Oh, okay,” and then he gets behind there, and he just does things that you’re like, “Wow, you can get smart and have some fun.”


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The Earnhardt legacy is securely poised for lasting success. The family’s racing DNA runs deep, making it no surprise that Wyatt caught the racing bug. Remember the name Wyatt Miller, a promising future beckons, hinting at remarkable accomplishments yet to be etched into the annals of racing history.


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