Driver needs the car; car needs the crew; crew needs the crew chief. He, who is the quarterback, thinks ahead of the driver, audience, and even the spotter. Just like the drivers, they embrace defeats and championships tagged to their names. One such distinguished name is Darian Grubb—a NASCAR mechanic, engineer, and crew chief—who has worked with celebrity drivers in the past, including Tony Stewart, Jimmie Jhonson, and Denny Hamlin.

Grubb is the Director of Performance for Trackhouse Racing and is a part-time crew chief for Chevrolet Camaro ZL1, currently driven by Kimi Räikkönen and the Chicago street race debut winner Shane van Gisbergen. Before starting as a director for Trackhouse Racing, he had a series of successful careers with Hendrick Motorsports, Stewart Haas Racing, and Joe Gibbs Racing.

His experience as crew chief is not as lengthy, but he has won significant races with almost every driver he has been paired with. Not only this but he has been responsible to kickstart some of the amazing careers at NASCAR.


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Darian Grubb behind the #97 Chevrolet Camaro victory in Chicago

After the Chicago Street race, the fans and the management is talking more about who led Shane van Gisbergen in the debut Street course race. Adding on to SVG’s and Trackhouse’s unbelievable success in the windy city, the 888 driver’s race engineer said, “I didn’t get involved in the set-up to a large degree, it was really kind of philosophical conversations, Trackhouse did all that work.”

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Trackhouse Racing was founded in 2020 by Justin Marks and the popular rapper Pitbull. The team is new but the directions it gets are from the stock car enthusiast, engineer, crew chief, and its Director of Performance, Darian Grubb.

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Trackhouse is a passion project


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Fans have heard Justin Marks talk about his vision for Trackhouse Racing. In his interview with Elizabeth Blackstock, Marks mentioned, “I’m trying build a motorsports-based entertainment brand and to use our position, our global marketing platform in NASCAR to scale the Trackhouse brand across all different kinds of motorsports, and arts and entertainment culture.”

In a recent conversation after the Chicago street race, TR’s Performance Director commented on the success of NASCAR’s event, indicating that this could be a new era for the sport with NASCAR taking to the streets. Upon asking his views on the potential for Trackhouse Racing in the larger scheme of things from a business/ownership standpoint over his former employers, he added, “I definitely think so, just a vision that Justin Marks has and the culture, the environment, having the people here that really want to do this. It’s about the passion”.


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On the 888 Racing project, Grubb said, “This is a side project for all of us, we have our regular jobs, every day, that we have to do.” A project like this for Trackhouse Racing has given the team an extra sense of pride. That said, they might be looking forward to doing a lot more projects in the future and changing the course of ownership in NASCAR.

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