Days After Bubba Wallace Slammed Narrow-Minded NASCAR Fans, Wife Amanda Shuts Down Alleged Heckler

Published 07/05/2023, 3:22 PM EDT

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The epic adventure in Chicago finally has concluded. The Grant Park 220 certainly wasn’t a walk in the park for 23XI Racing’s Bubba Wallace as the driver who is known for his skill in Superspeedways and short tracks struggled to keep up with the pack amidst the chaotic rain-soaked conditions of the downtown Chicago track.

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Though the driver finished 31st after a last-minute caution when he rammed into an unsuspecting Ricky Stenhouse Jr on the final laps of the race, the 29-year-old Alabama native was all in for the idea of racing on a street course. Wallace even had a lavish block party in DuSable Black History Museum in Chicago inviting viewers and spreading awareness and access to the black community to NASCAR’s inaugural Street race in Chicago.

While Wallace is often at the receiving for his on-track antics and political ideologue, his wife, Amanda Wallace is just as fierce as her husband. Recently, Amanda fiercely fended off a radical who spewed nonsense in her comment section.


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Bubba Wallace’s wife, Amanda thwarts off a heckler, mere days after Wallace’s block party

2023 so far has been a shaky season for the 23XI Racing driver as Wallace struggled to find his rhythm earlier this season. His dull and lackluster performances made things even worse for the driver, he was dejected and disheartened to find himself at the crossroads again, constantly being ridiculed by fans.

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However, the driver redeemed himself with an impressive performance at Darlington and Kansas, being in the top 10 on both occasions. But with that being said, Wallace’s c**ky attitude still makes him hated by many in the community. According to the Chicago Sun-Times on Thursday, Wallace told the reporters his thoughts, he said, “I’ve always said there’s three types of people: the ones that will accept change, the ones that are on the fence about change, and the ones that will never change,”


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Reflecting on this very motto of his, Wallace added, “You can never get to the minds of the people that will never change, so we don’t really focus our energy on those people. We try to convince the ones that are on the fence about change. ‘This is what can happen. Stick with us, and let’s ride it out to the end.’ Now, coming to the incident here, Wallace’s wife ahead of her husband’s race in Chicago posted a picture of her scooting around the track on an electric scooter.

To which a random guy, citing how things were back in the day commented, “If all of mainstream sports talk radio covered NASCAR now, the way they used to, (and still should)you would not be able to walk those streets let alone ride a scooter.” To which Amanda Wallace gave a perfect tit-for-tat reply with a subtle touch of humor.

Amanda Wallace gives the perfect reply, revealing her sense of humor

Now, Bubba Wallace has never been the most loved driver. though his antics and dramatic stints have earned him quite a number of haters in the sport. That is no reason to trash wife, Amanda Wallace. Just days after hosting a party, joined by his boss, Michael Jordan in an effort to invite more from the community into the sport, Wallace’s wife got the hate from a random fan as he commented how it was during his days.

Amanda came back with a perfect reply, partially addressing the heckler’s sentiments and embracing her humorous side. She wrote back, “@williamvince777 it was a track walk for the teams very early in the morning.”

Whereas another fan loved seeing her on a mini scooter as he simply commented,

“Scooter gang!”


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“scoot scoot”

While another fan mentioned the smart-witted Amanda taking a round in her scooter, “Now that was smart!”

On the other hand, another fan wrote, “100% should’ve been this smart and gotten a scooter”


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While most comments were classy and decent, the peculiar incident raises a lot of questions regarding the discrimination against Bubba Wallace and the radio incident at NWB just shows the deviant nature of the radicals. With Wallace going on undeterred, hope we get to see more talents coming into the sport irrespective of their color or race.



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