USA Today via Reuters

USA Today via Reuters

For any race, the finish is the most important part–but this time we got no finish! Weather yet again plagued NASCAR, just like it did on numerous other occasions this year. But NASCAR fans are the hardest working fans in sports and they still kept waiting, hoping that the race would resume. 

After all, this was not just any race, it was “the” race where Larson was attempting the “double” but alas! Despite hopes, the race was cut short. And so was Larson’s hope and fans’ excitement! 

Nature attempting the “double” instead of Kyle Larson


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Mother nature sure did her version of attempting the “double” and rained all over Indianapolis and later Charlotte! When rain took over Indianapolis, Larson and Hendrick Motorsports had to make a tough decision- whether to stay at Indy and complete the race or skip it altogether. And to make the decision worse, even Larson’s playoff eligibility would be in question if he didn’t race in the Coke 600. But ultimately the latter option was chosen and Allgaier started the race for Larson.

Larson did land in Charlotte hours later and even got the rain with him! However, there was a window of opportunity to go back racing after an hour of rain and an hour of track drying. But unfortunately that didn’t happen!

But the big issue is not that NASCAR ended the race early. According to many, it’s that the fact NASCAR fed fans the hope that the race would start, eventually. Spectators waited in the stands for two hours expecting the race to restart at any moment, only to be hit with disappointing news of it ending. NASCAR said that the issue was the humidity. According to them, heavy humidity lingered on track, meaning drying it wouldn’t have been complete till 1 am. ET. But news flash–it’s Charlotte, and it’s hot all day and humidity was there all day. So why is humidity made out to be such an issue? Even Tobbie Christie posted about the disappointing outcome of the race. In fact, in his words, he hated it!

And fans weren’t having it either, they were in shambles and took over socials to express their disappointment with NASCAR over the sad outcome. 

Fans outraged as NASCAR abruptly ends crown jewel race


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Perhaps fans have every right to be upset about it more than anyone. Humidity being an issue is beyond one’s understanding and fans were quick to call out NASCAR. One fan said, It’s too humid? Wait 30 more minutes or whatever it takes so the fans who have waited longer than that can see a finish of more than 100 laps. Oh well #NASCAR.” Fans waited for hours and more than half an hour would have essentially made no difference! 


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Moreover, as per NASCAR, a late restart could have been too late. However, during multiple instances in the past, races have been seen to go beyond midnight. Take the Daytona 500, for example, which ended as late as 2 am. One user pointed that out saying,They specifically noted that it would restart around “1:00 am” like they haven’t done that at Daytona multiple times before.”

The 2024 season has been a major hit with race attendance at a high, TV ratings have also surged and the races themselves were a thrill to watch. One user pointed out how after seeing so much of wins, we now get to meet with the lows too. He said, Definitely the biggest L NASCAR’s had in a while but the 2024 seasons have been full of W’s so we were due for one I guess.” 


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Many believed that the race should proceed despite adverse conditions, provided it was safe and within local regulations. One user said, Bull**** If the local ordinance says it’s ok, run it. The drivers and crew would likely get home quicker than a Vegas night race.”

But at the end of the day the race has ended. Bell took the win home and Larson didn’t attempt the double. What did you feel about the result? Could NASCAR have easily restarted the race? Let us know your thoughts.