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The level of success Grant Park 220 got was definitely unanticipated. No one thought it would be such an amazing weekend. But now that the idea of racing stock cars on the street course turned out to be successful, fans’ expectations have grown. Since NASCAR has fans across the world, an obvious question that comes into existence is: Will there be international races in the upcoming season? Denny Hamlin answered this, in a recent interview, after the qualification for Quaker State 400.

During the interview, Hamlin revealed the future of NASCAR in terms of racing abroad and whether there will be any races on international tracks. Hamlin also talked about the problems NASCAR will have to deal with in order to conduct races across boundaries. Further, the JGR driver made a surprising reveal on how he manages the stress of having multiple races in a row. 

Denny Hamlin on Whether NASCAR Will Organize International Races in Coming Seasons


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In an interview post the qualification race for Quaker State 400, Denny Hamlin was asked about his views on NASCAR’s plan towards conducting international races. After the huge success of Chicago, ‘Will we get to see international races in the upcoming season?’ is an obvious question that many NASCAR critics are concerned about.

Talking about the same topic, an interviewer asked Denny Hamlin, “From the team side, there’s a lot of talk about international races, right? You know, going overseas, is it feasible from the team side to do that during a grinding season?”

Hamlin answered it with calmness, laying the facts out. 

The #11 Toyota driver answered, “I’m not really sure. You know I think it’d be tough to do in the middle of the season certainly, but you know you just…” Organizing international races is definitely not an easy job. There are plenty of dark clouds that NASCAR will have to take care of before they can plan on international racing. 

Talking about the same, Denny Hamlin shared how international racing can happen. He said, “NASCAR and the teams will need to have some dialogue about when the best time is it exhibition? But certainly, I think it’s on the, you know, horizon of NASCAR’s thoughts about what’s next.”

What NASCAR did in Chicago, bringing races to the audience if the audience cannot come to races, gives us a glimpse of their abilities. Now, can they go beyond and organize races overseas, where NASCAR fans are? An interviewer asked the same question to Denny Hamlin, and what the racer replied makes complete sense from NASCAR’s POV.

Denny Hamlin, sharing his take on NASCAR reaching the target audience, said, “I’m not, not for me personally, but I I think it’s more about, you know, where’s, where’s the city going to welcome you or the country. And you know what they are willing to put forth to put that event on?”

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Further, the interviewer asked Denny how he takes care of his schedule during the race days. His answer will shock all the fans.

Denny Hamlin Answers How He Manages the Stress of Having Multiple Races, Revealing It’s a Grind for Him


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Being a part of the NASCAR Cup series, Denny Hamlin has to participate in multiple races throughout the month. Not just cup series race but being a team owner as well, Hamlin’s life revolved around racing, most of the time. In the same interview, Denny Hamlin was asked by a reporter, “How do you manage the stress of that many races?” 

Answering the interviewer, Hamlin shared how it’s all a part of the grind for him. He further stated, “Far as it’s a grind, I mean for me personally it’s a way to get away from racing. It’s different strokes for different folks. I think everyone does things different. Yes, Kyle Larson, he’ll say I want to race five days a week and for me it’s I want to race one.”


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Hamlin also mentioned how when he is not racing, he just tries to get his mind away from the thoughts of racing as much as possible. But being a team owner, that’s not an easy task for him. His exact statement was, “The rest [of the time] I try to get my mind away from racing as much as I possibly can. Owning a team doesn’t help with that, but I find rejuvenation and want to be part of the sport for a longer time by getting away.” 

Being one of the top NASCAR racers, it’s not just about being present at the race but also performing well. After all, he has got a lot of pressure on his head – from fans, the team, and everyone’s expectations. But we are just happy that despite having so much pressure, Hamlin is doing really great as a driver and as a team owner of 23XI Racing. 


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The qualification for Quaker State 400 might not have been very satisfactory for Denny Hamlin, as he earned the 14th position for the Weekend race at Atlanta Motor Speedway. Sadly, he couldn’t improve on it as well as he ended his Sunday race in exact spot. While he may have fallen short in Atlanta, we cannot forget how talented he is. Do you think he would be back with more fire at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway?