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Denny Hamlin Threatens to Impose a Ban & Shares Controversial Dale Earnhardt Sr Clip a Week After Chase Elliott Debacle

Published 06/06/2023, 5:33 AM EDT

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After the recent debacle involving Chase Elliott and Denny Hamlin, tensions in the NASCAR community continue to rise. Hamlin, a prominent driver and team owner, has taken an unexpected turn by threatening to impose a ban and sharing a controversial clip involving Dale Earnhardt Sr. Such actions have sparked a heated debate among fans and fellow drivers, questioning Hamlin’s impartiality and his role as a spokesperson for the sport.

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A fan’s tweet captioned, “Denny should not be the voice of NASCAR on this topic. Can you imagine Dale Sr. advocating for another driver to be suspended or to defend himself from other drivers’ requests that he be suspended for handling things on the racetrack? Hamlin has evolved into something he is not. He is not a cerebral official who is impartial. He is a driver AND an owner who has a self-interest in other drivers and teams losing cash via sponsorships and playoff points via suspensions. Please mute his conflicted advocacy” sums up the sentiment shared by many.

Hamlin shuts down his critic; Uses Dale Earnhardt Sr’s clip as an example


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In response to this criticism, Hamlin defended his position, stating, “I get paid to give takes. I have a show just like Corey, Logano, and others. Drivers are asked during media each week to give their takes on hot topics. Not sure you really want drivers muted.” Hamlin’s argument is that as drivers, they are expected to provide their opinions on various matters, regardless of the controversies surrounding them.

The Joe Gibbs Racing veteran also took the opportunity to share a clip involving the late great Dale Earnhardt Sr. He tweeted, “But in the meantime, here’s a clip that perhaps you might find helpful to your Dale Sr. question. He wasn’t sent head-on into the wall but was spun by Rudd. He thought that should result in a fine and sit out the rest of the season.” By referring to a past incident involving Dale Sr., Hamlin aims to justify his stance by suggesting that even a racing icon like Earnhardt Sr. had expressed similar sentiments regarding on-track altercations.


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However, Hamlin’s use of the clip has sparked debates among fans. Some argue that times have changed since the Intimidator era, and NASCAR has evolved in its approach to disciplinary actions. Others contend that Hamlin’s selective use of the clip doesn’t necessarily reflect Earnhardt’s overall viewpoint on the matter.

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Denny Hamlin threatens actions against haters

In another tweet, Hamlin made it clear that he is open to different opinions but won’t tolerate hate or rude comments. He wrote, “I also do not mind ANYONE who has a difference of opinion, but as about 200 people found out last week, you come with hate or rude comments, then you will find yourself not needing to comment on my takes any longer because you won’t be seeing them.”

This comes after Hamlin recently expressed satisfaction that the governing body imposed the suspension he had called for. “They are putting a line in the sand of what they deem acceptable and what they don’t,” said Hamlin. “Certainly I think with all the information they have nowadays, it’s easier to confirm what they think they see with the naked eye.”


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Denny Hamlin’s recent actions have undoubtedly stirred controversy within the NASCAR community. As both a driver and team owner, Hamlin’s advocacy raises questions about impartiality and the potential conflicts of interest that may arise. While drivers’ opinions on various topics are valued, it is essential to maintain a level of objectivity and consider the larger implications of their statements.


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Ultimately, the clash between Denny Hamlin and Chase Elliott has brought the issue of on-track altercations to the forefront of the NASCAR community. As fans eagerly await further developments and potential repercussions, the sport must find a balance between allowing drivers to express their opinions and maintaining a fair and unbiased disciplinary system.

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