USA Today via Reuters

USA Today via Reuters

Kyle Larson is pretty confident about the “double” he will be attempting by racing at the Indy 500 and Coca-Cola 600. But it’s not exactly as easy as a walk in a park. He has plenty on his plate, and while some elements he can control, some he just cannot. Whether it’s sheer unpredictable weather or a former president’s coming, that can pose a security issue and ultimately affect his schedule. But while fans are held up with bated breath, Kyle Larson is cool as a cucumber.

In fact, according to him, he is used to the chaos and even loves it!

Kyle Larson is handling his jam-packed schedule as cool as a cucumber


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Larson is trying to etch his name in history. And to make it to the top has never been easy, and hence his week, or rather month, hasn’t been either. And Kyle Larson is not someone to complain about, and he said he is used to the chaos and doesn’t find any difference.

When Tom Gaymor from Sky Sports asked Larson what his experience was with such a packed schedule, a schedule where is jetting off with the helicopter and then the plane and then landing back in the Carolina to race again last night, which is challenging, Kyle Larson said, “I mean, it’s a bit chaotic.” He said it’s a bit, which says a lot about him. He seems to have the grit to challenge himself and get the best out of him. It’s no surprise he is who he is!

USA Today via Reuters

But Larson said he is just used to the chaos of doing kinds of stuff that are chaotic. He said, I’ll practice and qualify in NASCAR and then I’ll go rush out of there and go fly to some local dirt track in the Midwest to go compete at a big event. And so yesterday didn’t feel like it was anything new to me as well and I don’t think this Sunday is going to feel that chaotic to me as well, just with the past experience I have of living in that chaos.”

The HMS star driver’s appetite to do the best, along with his experience handling stress and chaos, can come in handy to him. Larson admits that all the racing experiences he has had in the past have helped him remain calm and focused. And who knows—he might just etch his name right beside Tony Stewart for successfully attempting this “double” feat.

And just recently, he was compared to the great Max Verstappen!

Alexander Rossi thinks Kyle Larson is “the man”


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Max Verstappen is a name you can’t ignore. He is a motorsports legend in the making and is walking in the footsteps of Michael Schumacher, Vettel, and all the Formula 1 greats. And while he is a racing ace in Europe, Kyle Larson is his equivalent here in the USA. Both drivers clinched their first victory in 2021.


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Larson did so in NASCAR, and Verstappen in Formula 1. And ever since those wins, they have become unstoppable. But then, who is the better driver?

via Imago

Since that first win, Verstappen has racked up two more championships with Red Bull Racing. And as for Kyle Larson, he clenched seven Cup series race victories. Alexander Rossi, currently Larson’s teammate in the IndyCar Series at Arrow McLaren, has briefly raced with Verstappen and said NASCAR star Kyle Larson can match him.


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Rossi told the Associated Press, “Dude, I think he’s [Larson] already towards the top, so I don’t know. Put him at the top? Like he’s “the Man”! And when he was asked whether Larson is as good as Verstappen, the standard-setter for all racing drivers in 2024, Rossi showed no doubts. He said “I would say they’re on the same level”

A statement like this from an experienced professional speaks plenty of Larson’s merit. Even Kevin Harvick mentioned in his podcast how he thinks that Kyle Larson can actually win the Coca-Cola 600. It seems like Larson has a lot of well-wishers and supporters by his side. What do you think? How will it all turn out for the HMS driver?