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Witnessing a father-son duo in action on the NASCAR tracks is not an uncommon sight to see. Drivers like Dale Earnhardt Jr and Chase Elliott, on many occasions, have proved that they have a racer within them, just like their fathers. But unlike others, Kyle Busch’s racer son has taken the ‘following in his father’s footsteps’ aspect a bit too seriously.

The recently concluded Tulsa Shootout ended on a sad note for Kyle Busch as he found himself in an untimely wreck, trashing his prospects of clinching the title. Now, it seems like the Brexton has joined the likes of his father’s crash, following which Rowdy Busch took a humorous jibe at his son.

Like father, like son: Brexton Busch’s eccentric ode to his father


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When we talk about drawing inspiration from the older ones in the field, we mean following their discipline, maintaining their lifestyle, and imbibing their very personality. But Brexton seems to have taken too much motivation from his father. Hilariously, this time, it’s not Kyle Busch’s race craft that has inspired him but rather his mid-race crash.

During the closing laps of the heat race at Tulsa, Kyle was battling against Ace Moore for a 6th-place finish. With only five laps remaining, the battle became more intense, which led to a violent wreck, flipping Busch’s #51 Lucas Oil backed vehicle in the air, and ending his Tulsa run.

Days after Kyle‘s crash, Brexton fell onto the exact path during his Flying A Motorsports Junior Sprint A-Feature stint. When his rivals were battling for a P3 finish, their neck-to-neck drive pushed Brexton outside and into the wall, and his #18B ride did a complete flip in the air before landing back on its wheels. Seeing his son following in his footsteps in an undesired manner, Busch apparently told his son Brexton, “Do as I say, not as I do,” which the latter revealed on his Instagram. The post also showcased a video comparing the crashes of the father-son duo.

And mommy dearest Samantha Busch was not too far from the conversation either, as she shared her side of the story on the same social media site.

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Mama Busch’s shriek inducing Tulsa weekend

Kyle Busch has gotten into multiple wrecks ever since he ventured into NASCAR. Take the 2023 Daytona 500, for example, where Daniel Suarez‘s aggressive stance wrecked Busch out of the race. So, for Samantha, it’s not an unusual sight anymore. But seeing her 8-year-old boy flipping mid-air proved to be a horrific experience for the mother.


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Samantha shared a video on Instagram, which portrayed the crash of the father and the son. And Mama Busch conveyed her true feelings about the wrecks with the perfect audio! Named ‘Woman Screaming #2’, the background score featured a woman screaming at the top of her lungs out of fear. The caption to the post read, “Basically the actual audio of me during this 🤦🏻‍♀️ It’s no wonder why I’ve got so many grays 👵🏻”. 

Not only that, Kyle’s crash gave goosebumps to Samantha as shortly after her husband’s dismaying Tulsa outing, she switched sides and favored dirt track prodigy Christopher Bell. When a fan asked her, “Would you ever drive in the Tulsa 2 seater?” Samantha’s reply proved her reluctance to be with Kyle in the midget car as she replied, “Funny we joked about that today I said the only way I would is if it was an expert dirt driver. Like send c bell [Christopher Bell] out there and I would consider.”


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Brexton is following his dad’s footsteps to the T, but his mother has expressed concerns over the little one’s safety. Do you think we will watch Brexton at the Tulsa Shootout next season, or will he be racing in a higher league?