“Do Not Hurt Yourself Driving the Car”: Top NASCAR Radio Conversations From Martinsville

June 12, 2020 11:58 pm

During Wednesday’s NASCAR race in Martinsville, many drivers were simply trying to survive the 500 laps. Among the many victims was Number 3 driver, Austin Dillon. The North Carolina native was in for a supremely uncomfortable race after an early puncture.

Apparently, the car’s crush panels sustained damage and inadvertently caused it to overheat with time. The situation soon escalated to almost unbearable levels and he even sustained burns to his buttocks. Alarmed, the team radioed him and said, “Do not hurt yourself trying to drive this racecar. It’s not worth it.”

In the end, Dillon relented and pulled over to retire. At this stage, he could barely get out of the car and required assistance. Austin Dillon was thoroughly disappointed because he felt that he had a good car in Martinsville

What happened to Dillon in the NASCAR race?

Speaking about his woes, Dillon said, “Coming off Turn 4, I don’t know what happened, I got dizzy or something. I just pulled in and had to stop. I thank all the medical staff that got me back. Now, I feel good, get ready for Homestead. Bummer we got a flat tire, but when we come back, we’re gonna be in tip top shape.”

The good news is that, he received treatment and subsequently released from the medical center. In a video message to the fans, he later explained that he received a lost of blisters in his buttocks, from the heat. Even ice packs proved to be ineffective as they all melted. Hopefully, he can recover in time for the upcoming race in Homestead-Miami and record a better finish.

In addition to that, the team will also hope to avoid a repeat of what happened in Martinsville. Even the 30-year old will be hoping that he is never put in that kind of situation again.

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