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Speaking of firsts, Brexton’s debut with the Lucas Oil crew on their sponsors’ production day was something special. It’s a known drill in NASCAR, when drivers ink deals with sponsors, they’re not just racing – they’ve got to show up at events and even smile for the camera in ads. Looks like young Brexton Busch is already getting a taste of the big leagues!

It was back in December 2023, when Lucas Oil made waves by not only beefing up their ties with Kyle Busch but throwing their support behind his son, Brexton Busch as well. The young prodigy of Kyle Busch, just eight years old, has already been turning heads in the racing world’s junior ranks. And well, Brexton is already stepping up to the plate when it comes to sponsor relations. 

Brexton Busch’s first-ever advertisement


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Brexton Busch marked a milestone with his first-ever day in the spotlight for Lucas Oil’s production. Taking a peek at his Instagram, one can see his excitement shining through. There he was, sprucing up his vibrant green racer, getting his hands dirty to make sure his four-wheeled buddy was spick and span.

No words were needed to describe his photo – it was all about shining up his SERVPRO ride with Lucas Oil’s Slick Mist Speed Wax. After all, when you’re a dirt track racer, keeping your wheels gleaming is part of the game.

He wrote in the caption, “Had my very own production day at RCR today and even invited Dad 😉 Got to shine up my SERVPRO ride with the Lucas Oil Slick Mist Speed Wax to keep all the dirt off. You know this dirt track driver has to keep his ride shining 🙌🏻.”


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Brexton’s journey in racing began in 2020 when he was just a five-year-old newbie in the Beginner Box Stock division at Millbridge Speedway. The little dirt track in Salisbury, N.C., has seen him zoom through various divisions, racking up success after success in the last three years.

Lucas Oil’s very own Brandon Bernstein, the head honcho of partnership marketing, couldn’t hide his excitement. He’s all in on supporting Brexton’s climb up the racing ladder and he expressed, “We share Kyle’s passion for short-track racing and are excited to help Brexton take the next step in his career.”

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And let’s not forget, we’re talking about Brexton Busch here, a young champ who’s already nabbed a championship title. It’s no wonder sponsors are lining up, eager to be part of his journey to stardom.


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Brexton Busch clinches victory at Millbridge Speedway

Brexton Busch, only eight years old, recently zoomed his way to glory at Millbridge Speedway, catching the 2023 Beginner Box championship title. The victory sparked pride and joy, with his mom lighting up social media with her son’s triumph. Over on Instagram, Kyle Busch didn’t miss a beat, dishing out some heartening words to encourage this rising star. He wrote, “Congrats buddy on your Millbridge Speedway championship! Proud to see you accomplish your dreams with hard work!”

The story behind Brexton’s entry into this championship was pretty neat. Kyle Busch noticed how top-notch the organization at Millbridge Speedway was, thanks to Ashly and Jeremy Burnett’s passion for dirt track racing. 


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Well, it’s a common sight to see Kyle Busch and Kevin Harvick among the cheering crowd, supporting their kids in the box championship. But this time, the spotlight was all on Brexton Busch, who proudly carried the winner’s mantle back home.

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