Will We See More Ex F1 Drivers After Mark Webber Joins Tony Stewart’s SRX Series?

September 10, 2020 11:28 pm

Earlier this year, former NASCAR driver, Tony Stewart announced that he is introducing a new racing series. This series will be dubbed the Superstar Racing Experience, and will have drivers from different fields competing. Among the entrants is former F1 driver, Mark Webber, who has nine F1 wins to his name.

Alongside the Australian veteran will be Stewart himself and former NASCAR driver Bobby Labonte. The grid will also comprise of current and former IndyCar drivers Helio Castroneves, Tony Kanaan, Paul Tracy and Willy T. Ribbs.

Admittedly, the SRX series will be hoping that Webber’s presence could attract more F1 drivers to the grid. The Australian made his F1 debut in 2002 and has had a decade-long career in Formula One.

After he stepped away, the Australian veteran turned to endurance racing and see out the rest of his racing career.  Mark Webber finally hung up his boots at the end of the 2016 WEC season.

Mark Webber

Get to know Mark Webber

During his decade-long F1 career, Webber amassed nine Formula One Grand Prix wins for Red Bull Racing. He also finished third in the championship on three occasions. In addition to that, he won the FIA World Endurance championship and finished 2nd in the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

“It’s a really cool list of drivers,” Webber said. “I have never raced on an oval, never. But I love the people involved and I love how authentic it is.”

Admittedly, Mark Webber has no experience in terms of racing in ovals. On the bright side, he has raced on dirt tracks before. In light of that, he hopes to get some tips from Stewart. Advice aside, he is forward to racing against Stewart in the SRX series.

“What hasn’t he done?” Webber said. “I’ve got great admiration for his rawness and authenticity. He’s a very authentic guy and he’s just an absolute classical racer. I’m hoping that he’s extremely friendly to help me with some of the tricks I might need to know very quickly.”

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