Exclusive: Team Kicked Out by NASCAR After a Driver “Snitched” on Them

Published 04/23/2024, 8:52 PM EDT

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USA Today via Reuters

Fan Controlled Sports+Entertainment and EssentiallySports sub-brand, Lucky Dog on Track, made history at the Talladega Superspeedway. A joint venture between the two allowed the passionate fans to get closer to the action than ever before, making strategic calls for the #14 Camaro. Mason Massey, the man behind the wheel for the Fan Controlled #14 car, guided it to a solid P11 finish. However, it was a roller coaster of a ride for the team, not just on the track but off of it, too, as the team faced the wrath of NASCAR for reportedly being too loud.

Although the track at Talladega is known for its unpredictability, the FCSE + Lucky Dog on Track team didn’t expect their rollercoaster of a weekend to start a day before the race. While everyone was filled with excitement for Saturday, it was a bit short-lived as one of the drivers, in the same RV lot, reportedly the team to NASCAR officials, almost getting them escorted out of the premises.

A team member shared the update on the situation via Instagram and said, “A little too rowdy last night. And a driver—we’re still working on figuring out who—snitched on us for being too loud.


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He also shared the aftermath of the complaint against them, saying, “So, the NASCAR police came and gave us a escort off the premises. But oddly, we just had to move our RV off, but then we were allowed to come back. We’re back, baby. Let’s roll.” 

Far from finishing the race, the #14 crew chief Jason Miller admitted that he would walk away a happy man if Massey successfully completed stage 2 of the race. Now, a lot depended on the weather since it was expected to rain, but that was the mentality as they walked into the race.

In his own words, “Just wanna make it through the first two stages.” But destiny had something else planned entirely. Qualifying at P38, Massey finished a surprising and more than impressive P11. Other than Massey, here is the complete list of “underdogs” who had a great run at Talladega.

After seeing how well Massey did in the race, fans certainly weren’t too pleased about the incident where SS Green Light Racing’s partners, FCSE and Lucky Dog on Track were almost kicked out of the paddock. They even started to narrow down the list to identify the culprit in the comments section.


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Fans try to sniff out the culprit

Last time we checked, Talladega is indeed the party capital of NASCAR, right? So it was strange to see NASCAR decide to play party spoiler. Stating the same, a fan replied in the comments, “Too rowdy at Talladega?!? I thought that was literally THE place to get rowdy”.

As far as the hunt for the secret driver went, the fans just weren’t counting out the Cup Series driver. They even guessed the names of a few who could have been involved. “A driver snitched on them for being to loud…Let me guess…Their first name was either Brad or Joey.” Another fan guessed, “It was probably Denny Hamlin that complained because that’s all he does or maybe it was Bubba.” One fan went on to say, “Sounds like something @kevinharvick would do.”


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Amid all this, one fan, who camped at the site, claimed, “Somebody was playing loud music from 1am to 3am. I could hear it in the scout campground outside of turn 2”. 

Who do you think harshed the mellow of the Lucky Dog on Track and the Fan-Controlled Team at Talladega?


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