Dale Earnhardt Jr Beats Lewis Hamilton in Richest Driver’s List With Jeff Gordon & Danica Patrick Joining the Ranks

Published 11/20/2023, 6:01 PM EST

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There is no doubt that NASCAR will be constantly compared to Formula 1. While that is done, a similar case is witnessed when drivers from both these competitions are considered. Recently, a list involving the richest drivers in the world came out. Surprisingly, Dale Earnhardt Jr beat the 7-time world champion, Lewis Hamilton.

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While Junior made the cut from the NASCAR arena, he was also joined by the likes of Jeff Gordon and Danica Patrick. With many other big names making it to the list, the richest driver on the list should surprise many.

Dale Earnhardt Jr gets the better of Lewis Hamilton as the richest driver’s list comes to light


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It is no secret how in today’s time there are multiple avenues for a motorsport driver to make money. With the increase in sponsorships, advertisements, digital presence, and whatnot, the current generation of racers is in for a treat. While making money has become comparatively easier, it has also gotten more competitive.

Recently, wealthygorilla.com took the honors to reveal the richest drivers in the world currently. Safe to say, there were plenty of surprises for the motorsports faithful. The #2 position was taken occupied by Michael Schumacher. Despite struggling with his health after an unexpected ski accident in 2013, Schumacher’s net worth is estimated to be around $600 million.


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What’s amazing is how he’s followed by Dale Earnhardt Jr in the list. The 2022 NASCAR Hall of Fame inductee certainly achieved plenty in his career. Along with that, he has only capitalized post-retirement, courtesy of some smart investments and his media house ‘Dirty Mo Media’.

While Junior continues to try several new ventures, his current net worth is estimated to be around $300 million.

It is indeed impressive and more so as he eclipsed the legendary Lewis Hamilton in the process. With a joint-record of seven championships to his name, Hamilton has undoubtedly dominated the F1 world.

The 38-year-old has possibly won almost every award in the sport and yet finds himself below Dale Jr. Despite having the highest number of wins (103) in Formula One, Hamilton struggles to go beyond the third position on the list. His net worth of $285 million looks a bit surprising, but it could only help him beat the likes of Kimi Raikkonen and Fernando Alonso.

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Not only that, he is well ahead of NASCAR’s greats Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, and many others. However, it is the richest driver that has stunned many.

Jeff Gordon and Danica Patrick make it to the list of the world’s richest drivers

It is worth noting that the list of the world’s richest drivers includes quite a few NASCAR drivers. With a net worth of around $200 million, Jeff Gordon makes it into the top ten with an eighth-place ranking. His former Hendrick Motorsports teammate Jimmie Johnson follows him in the 11th position with an alleged net worth of around $160 million.

Sadly for NASCAR, the next name comes in the 24th position as Tony Stewart makes it with a $90 million net worth. Interestingly, just two spots later, we find Danica Patrick. Undoubtedly, she’s the richest female driver currently in the world with her podcasts and online presence and a net worth of around $80 million.



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While it is a proud achievement for her and the NASCAR community, she’s followed by Kyle Busch and Carl Edwards in the 28th and 29th positions, respectively. However, the most surprising name comes at the top. With a net worth of around $600 million, Eddie Jordan grabs the pole position in the richest driver’s list.


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The Irish businessman and team owner has enjoyed a productive time on and off the track. While he still holds investments in real estate, oil, entertainment, and the gaming industry, Jordan continues to get stronger and richer over time. Who do you think can beat him in the coming years?

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