NASCAR’s Fashionista Toni Breidinger Defies Fans Sentiments as She Praises Denny Hamlin’s Outlandish Vegas F1 Outfit

Published 11/20/2023, 12:35 AM EST

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Even though he doesn’t have a title to his name, Denny Hamlin’s uncanny ability to cause a debate among fans and peers is unparalleled. While the Joe Gibbs Racing veteran met his match in the last eliminator, getting ousted along with his teammate Martin Truex Jr, Hamlin got more eyeballs to the game promotion than most of his fellow drivers.

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His Bristol rant is an ideal example of the driver’s ability to rile up fans and make a scene. Though the season is over and Hamlin got his dreams squashed, the controversialist did what he does best, to spark another debate in the racing world. Fans brutally trolled the veteran for his awkward and weird fashion statement at F1’s Vegas GP.

However, things took a complete U-turn when ARCA sensation and Victoria’s Secret model Toni Breidinger took the opposite stance while the community denounced Hamlin’s attire, bashing him unapologetically. Could this be a fangirl moment for the ARCA driver, or was this an attempt to take a sarcastic jab at the veteran? Well, let’s take a closer look.


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Toni Breidinger’s Denny Hamlin comment takes the community by surprise. causing widespread speculations

Getting credit from a known and revered model is indeed a compliment. 24-year-old Victoria’s Secret model Toni Breidinger gave away a compliment when she praised Hamlin’s attire during the highly anticipated F1’s Las Vegas debut last day. While fans were quick to drag him through the mud, deeming his pants as pajamas, the ARCA driver saw something different.

The whole community joked about the veteran’s drip. Even journalists and reporters joined the party when AP Sports’ Jenna Fryer fired shots at the JGR driver, calling him “Marshmellow James” as she shared a post of the driver donning the white baggy coat with ridiculous checked jeans.


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But the model did not side with this, instead of trolling him she wrote, “love a Celine hoodie and gallery dept jeans” while fans speculated the interaction with raised eyebrows.

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But the ARCA driver’s intentions aren’t clear at this point. While a Denny Hamlin detractor can take it as a sarcastic jab, the 24-year-old’s words certainly have caused a lot of speculation.

Fans bash “Marshmallow James” unapologetically

Not everyone is a fan of Hamlin’s persona or the aura he brings to the track. His opaque energy or unapologetic attitude has earned him quite a number of haters over the years. His stint with his friend-turned-rival Kyle Larson worsened the scenario, which, along with Hamlin’s Bristol rant, made him public enemy number 1 in the eyes of fans.

Even though his heel turn did the sport a major favor getting eyes into it, the driver received a lot of hate in the process, some of which won’t go away anytime soon. This was pretty evident the other day when fans mercilessly trolled the driver for his bizarre fashion outlook.

One fan wrote, “Are these pants the fence that’s standing between him and the championship?” Rubbing salt into his wounds, he mentions the driver’s inability to capture the title. 

Another user commented, “No grown man in his 40’s should be wearing fish net print jeans lmao” 


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While a fan called out the driver as a Walmart goer, going grocery shopping, “Just looks like he’s on his way to Walmart! Nothing wrong with that!”

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Is he wearing pajamas?”, asked a fan who wasn’t a fan of the driver’s pants.


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What do you think of Hamlin’s attire? Was he dressed for the occasion, or was he deliberately trying to stir up some controversy in the off-season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.




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