Tony Stewart Shuts Down Formula 1 Fans on the Big Misconception About NASCAR

Published 02/04/2023, 10:45 AM EST

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Formula 1 and NASCAR are two of the most popular motorsport in the world. But thinking they are anything alike is the biggest mistake one could do. Tony Stewart wanted fans to know just how deluded Formula 1 drivers can be.

It’s no surprise that both sports have a pretty religious fan following. But there’s a good deal of prejudice fans have about the other sport too. Of course, every NASCAR fan has dealt with the severely uneducated F1 fan, saying NASCAR has just left turns with no actual skill. In fact, some would even go as far as they believe they could do it without a problem.


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And in a conversation between NASCAR on FOX commentators, one of them brought it up, The other biggest misconception that everybody out on the 405 has is [thinking] they could do this. No problem.

However, Tony Stewart wasn’t having any of it as he intervened and clearly declared, “No they couldn’t”, “None of them could do that.” He further added by saying, “They couldn’t even drive it out the parking lot.”

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That’s a bold statement, but he isn’t wrong

There’s another misconception about NASCAR other than what Tony Stewart pointed out:


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There are a few other things about NASCAR which come as a surprise to Formula 1 fans. One of those being the sheer nature of the sport, because F1 is a team sport through and through. NASCAR, on the other hand, is quite different as they explained, “NASCAR is much more of a every man for himself or every driver for himself, than the structure of formula one.

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There’s something else that newcomers don’t realize, and that is, I think the one thing Angelenos get wrong about NASCAR is they think it’s the same car every week. They think the driver is driving the exact same car, the exact same chassis of Daytona that he raced here. And all they did was change the gears. And he goes fast there and not so fast here. I think that’s one of the biggest misconceptions.”


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