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“Who Is She?” – Racing Fans Rip Apart Danica Patrick After Controversial Take on Formula 1 Young Gun

Published 11/20/2023, 7:18 PM EST

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Danica Patrick jumped onto the Sky Sports broadcasting bandwagon in 2021, and since then, there hasn’t been a season where her remarks didn’t stir the pot. Whether it’s about women tearing up the tarmac in motorsports, the nitty-gritty of the cars, or dropping the occasional bombshell about the drivers, she’s always in the limelight. Recently, fresh off the Formula 1 buzz, she tossed a few words about Williams’ rookie, Logan Sargeant, saying, “He is not super famous in the United States. He didn’t really come up through the ranks.” But this observation has ruffled some feathers in the F1 fan community.

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The motorsports fan base, already tuned to her history of sparking fires with her words, now has deemed her comments controversial. This time, her subtle swipe at Logan Sargeant has left fans mulling over the idea that Patrick, a veteran of Junior Formula races from 1998 to 2004, might be wearing rose-colored glasses, thinking she’s got the whole sport figured out.

Is Danica Patrick deliberately mean, or is her message getting twisted along the way?


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Sargeant’s rookie season in Formula 1 is proving to be a pressure cooker. With his teammate Alex Albon consistently outshining him in qualifications, the heat’s definitely on. To add fuel to the fire, Danica Patrick’s recent remarks have further stirred the pot. She’s voiced her dismay at Sargeant’s rather underwhelming show, despite some recent flashes of success. Interestingly, while she threw shade at Sargeant’s lack of stateside fame, she didn’t miss pointing out his milestone as the first American in 30 years to snag a point in F1.

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“It’s so cool. I mean it’s great that an American has had a point. It’s a long, long time since Michael Andretti I believe, so that’s fantastic. We don’t really know him that well in the States. He’s not super famous in the United States, he didn’t really come up through the ranks. He’s only becoming more well-known now as he spends his time in Formula 1,” she said. Her words highlight the chasm in Sargeant’s recognition.

Moreover, Sargeant’s future with Williams currently hangs in the balance. He’s got four more races to prove he’s the right choice for the team’s journey ahead. And let’s not forget his less-than-stellar run in Las Vegas, where he finished 16th.

While Danica Patrick’s comments seem to mirror the hard facts, fans can’t fathom why she keeps throwing these controversial curveballs about drivers. It’s like she has a knack for stirring up a hornet’s nest with her words.

Fans stirred up over Danica Patrick’s Formula 1 coverage

Logan Sargeant’s leap across the pond to Europe in his early career meant he flew under the radar for many Americans, only popping up on their screens as he climbed the ranks to land a Formula 1 seat with Williams. However, Danica Patrick, the former NASCAR and Indycar driver, didn’t miss a beat, remarking in February 2023 that Sargeant might need to up his “PR” game to become a household name in the States.


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But fans think Patrick should tread more carefully when it comes to her comments about drivers. Her questioning of an American driver’s popularity in their own backyard has led fans to turn the tables, with “who is she?” and “why is she covering F1?”

One fan didn’t mince words, calling her “She is the most triggering f1 pundit I’ve seen.” Another took a jab at her fame, quipping, “Everyone knows you from go daddy commercials, not from your racing craft.” A harsher critique came from a fan who knew of her only through a YouTube video: “meanwhile i only know of her bc of a YouTube video titled “the worst nascar driver””.

Disappointment and frustration echoed among motorsports enthusiasts. One fan advised, “She needs to know when to shut up,”  while another branded her as the “biggest embarrassment ever and a shameful representation of women in motorsport.” Another fan pointed out the harshness of her words, saying “What an unnecessary mean thing to say.”


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So, what’s your take on this situation? Was Patrick’s commentary an intentional dig at Logan, or was she just offering some hard truths about the state of F1’s recognition in the U.S., particularly after its 2012 resurgence?

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