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NASCAR races are renowned for their real drama on the track. Most fans stay glued to their screens, waiting for an exhilarating and gossip-worthy tussle to spark. Saturday’s Xfinity race at Richmond provided fans with such a much-awaited moment. However, because of the incident, the fandom is showering concerns about the driver’s fate.

Joey Gase has been in the racing scene since 2011, honing other drivers under Joey Gase Motorsports besides following his passion. However, Gase lost his cool when his own pupil wrecked him. Now fans are rallying to his side against NASCAR’s wrath.

NASCAR suspected of foul play by fans


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The ToyotaCare 250 panned out in a messy manner for most drivers. Racers were struggling with mechanical issues, and a wreck took place on lap 173. It was right then that the stage was set for a spicy face-off. JD Motorsports driver Dawson Cram spun his former team owner and slammed his car against the wall. Gase’s rear bumper cover fell off and then served as his tool for seeking revenge.

After Joey Gase waited for Cram to drive back to the pit, he hurtled the bumper over Cram’s windshield. This was a clear violation of NASCAR’s rules. Yet the sanctioning body did not hesitate to post reels on the dramatic incident.


Redditt fans referred to this salient point while pondering about how far NASCAR will unleash its wrath on Gase while pointing out the hypocrisy. “NASCAR suspending him and simultaneously using it in highlight reels for the next 5 years would be typical NASCAR though, so I wouldn’t rule it out.” Another fan referred to the No. 11 Kaulig driver. “I think its like a josh williams thing, “we like what you did entertainment wise but rules are rules”.  


[Jonathan Fjeld] NASCAR confirmed they will review Joey Gase’s bumper cover throw this week and plan to have a conversation with him about it.Xfinity Rulebook Section 8.3.5. is relevant here. It specifies what a driver can/can’t do after they get out of the car following an incident.
byu/RBF48 inNASCAR

Then one fan took a sarcastic take at the hefty amounts NASCAR may slap Gase with: “I can’t be the only one thinking NASCAR behind doors is saying “here’s a $25,000 fine for your actions and $50,000 for the free press” every time something like this happens.” Another pointed out that the team could be affected badly: “I think a one-race suspension like Josh Williams got would be pretty appropriate for this at most. They’re a small team, a big monetary penalty would probably hurt them too much.”

Others suggested toned-down punishments: “Fine him $25k. Then refund him a dollar for every social media view until the fine is cleared.” 

Joey Gase’s impending crisis might be one topic that brought his team into talks. However, the team has also ventured into Hollywood’s spotlight recently.


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Frankie Muniz fielded by Joey Gase’s team


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Earlier this year, the Xfinity Series forged a unique bond with the glamorous world of Hollywood. They welcomed Malcolm in the Middle star Frankie Muniz to run a part-time schedule under Joey Gase Motorsports. Although last year was his first time in full-time stock car racing, Muniz clinched fourth place in the ARCA Menards Series points.

Gase wholeheartedly welcomed the actor turned racer into his team. “Joey Gase Motorsports is proud to welcome Frankie to the team. Undoubtedly, he brings a lot of attention to our team and the NASCAR Xfinity Series, but throughout the last couple of weeks, I’ve never seen a driver more determined or focused than Frankie.”


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Let us see how it works out for Joey Gase as tough times are ahead as NASCAR may slap a hefty fine on the small racing team.

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