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Former NFL Star and Super Bowl Winner Bernard Pollard Jr. Tries His Hands at Virtual NASCAR Racing

Former NFL Star and Super Bowl Winner Bernard Pollard Jr. Tries His Hands at Virtual NASCAR Racing

Bernard Pollard Jr., a former NFL player and Super Bowl XLVll winner with Baltimore Ravens, is spending his time learning the tips and tricks of NASCAR. Recently, the former football safety tried his hands at virtual NASCAR racing.

Earlier, Pollard revealed that he got into NASCAR after learning about Bubba Wallace and NASCAR’s efforts to end racial discrimination. Subsequently, he got a virtual racing setup after learning about the series from NASCAR fans and drivers.

He posted a Tweet about his first-ever NASCAR iRacing qualifying race. He said, My first @iRacing qualifying lap. I thought I really did something until @chadwheeler88 brought me back to earth #NASCAR #humblepie

NFL Star Bernard Pollard Jr. focusing on learning NASCAR racing

He talked about how he’s spending his time watching NASCAR in an interview with Zach Groth of WPTA21. He said, “It’s been crazy, so it’s been a blessing man. I’ve taken my time to put it toward racing because I want to learn.”

After that, he praised NASCAR and Bubba Wallace for their efforts. He said, “I think they are trying to change the narrative of racing. Because they want to involve everyone. They want people to feel comfortable, to feel safe.

“If you want to make racing your profession you can come and join.”

He added that he’s watching every race and people are helping him understand the rules. During the races, he regularly posts his queries on Twitter.

And many people from the grid and fans answer his questions to help him understand the NASCAR format.

He said, “Everybody’s responding and it’s been so much fun for me. I’m not only learning from the racers, I’m learning from the crew chiefs. I’m learning from the people that are part of the pit crews. I’m learning from the fans.”

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