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$4-Billion Sale Makes Dale Earnhardt Jr’s Sister Reconsider Her Perspective on the $35-Million Barrier to Their Cup Series Entry

Published 03/17/2023, 11:10 AM EDT

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Wouldn’t it be great to finally see JR Motorsports competing with the likes of HMS, JGR, and SHR in the Cup Series? In fact, team co-owners Dale Earnhardt Jr and Kelley Earnhardt Miller would love that too. However, it looks like the team has to overcome a couple of massive challenges to make this dream a reality. The first challenge, and maybe the most difficult, is the acquisition of a charter!

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Earlier, Junior had revealed that he and his team do not feel that investing $20 million in a charter is the best financial decision for JR Motorsports at the moment. And recently, Kelley Earnhardt Miller revealed an estimated value of owning a charter in 2023 and why the team is stuck on the question.

In her latest appearance on Dale Jr. Download, Kelley shared, “You know, we haven’t had a charter for more than thirteen million. So, I say $35 million is three times you know as much.”


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However, after hearing Kelley’s words, 23XI Racing President Steve Lauletta said, “I could also say that Phoenix Suns just sold for $4 billion dollars … So $35 million is kind of a deal. Depends on how you look at it, right?”

Kelley Earnhardt Miller opens up on why she and Dale Earnhardt Jr are still hesitant

Agreeing with Steve Lauletta, the show’s host Mike Davis asked him to explain the same to Dale Jr. Furthermore, he added, “That is an extraordinary number. And I think that like if we’re saying ‘Oh! Let’s see what if the number keeps going up?’ Great for charter hoarders, bad for the people trying to buy one.”


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Davis did have a point there, but Kelley too wasn’t exactly wrong. Explaining why JR Motorsports is still hesitant about reaching a decision, she said, “Well, I think, just to Steve’s points earlier, business people make business decisions, right? So, I don’t know very many people unless you know, maybe Elon Musk or someone like that, that’s just gonna throw a lot of money at something that he’s not sure what the return’s gonna be. What it’s gonna look like.”


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At this point, all JR Motorsports fans wish that the team finds the perfect deal they are looking for so that they can enjoy watching JRM drivers competing with the best on the Cup tracks soon.

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