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Freddie Kraft Admits Bubba Wallace’s Result “Became a Game of Chance Over a Game of Skill” at Talladega

Published 04/30/2022, 12:50 PM EDT

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Talladega was an unfortunate race f0r the 23XI team despite starting their weekend on a great note. Bubba Wallace started in a #23 McDonald’s Toyota Camry that was flying through the banks of Talladega, showing some incredible pace and wonderful driving by the driver. And, to prove his pace and the wonderful car the 23XI team had built, he emerged as the winner of stage 1.

The #45 Monster Energy Toyota Camry of Kurt Busch was quite a fast racecar. On top of that, the 2 cars were leading the top lane in the later stages of the race, with both drivers heading for a great top-10 finish. However, tragedy struck the 23XI team in the final lap.

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Kurt Busch get tangled up in the final-lap chaos after bumping with Kyle Larson and took out Bubba Wallace who was heading up for a top-5 finish in the race.


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Bubba Wallace’s spotter talks about how good the car was and how sad it is that it’s destroyed

Bubba Wallace’s Spotter, Freddie Kraft appeared on the Dale Jr. download and shared his opinions on the race at Talladega. He started off by saying “I hate to say this man, I love Talladega. That race, at the end, became a game of chance over a game of skill, and, it’s because of the way the cars raced.”


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Kraft seems to suggest that the way cars were racing at Talladega, made it so that the best drives didn’t get as much of an advantage as the ones who seemed to be “in the right place at the right time”. And, it was the other way around for the 23XI cars, as we saw both the cars crash out at the last lap.


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It’s very unfortunate as Kraft says, “Credit to my guys, 23XI guys. My car could do just about anything that we needed to do. It was so fast, we could pull a line, push a line, we could get to anyone’s bumper anytime we wanted to.” He added, “Our car was a missile, and it sucks because it’s destroyed right now.”


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It’s very sad for 23XI and both the drivers. Especially, after running some of the fastest cars, it really is sad that they’re both destroyed. However, since they managed to build some great cars for Talladega; Could they repeat that formula in other races? Can we see more 23XI cars in the top-10, maybe even top-5?



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