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Freddie Kraft Clarifies Bubba Wallace’s Post Race Comments on Joey Logano in Michigan

Published 08/10/2022, 9:15 AM EDT

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This past Sunday at Michigan, Bubba was seemingly held up by Joey Logano for around 20 laps before Wallace could make his move. This resulted in Wallace being upset and made him say, “22 earned another Ford contract.”

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Now, Spotter Freddie Kraft has clarified Bubba Wallace’s post-race comments on Joey Logano in the latest episode of Door Bumper Clear podcast.


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During a podcast, Kraft said, “He wasn’t talking about the move he made on the restart. He was talking about the fact that he held us up for 15-20 laps.”

“But Joey didn’t do anything wrong, I mean I would expect if we were leading like that and the Toyota was second, the Ford’s were faster behind him, do everything to hold them up and let me get away.”

He added that Bubba was not happy with Logano, though it did not mean that Joey was in the wrong.

“The guy is probably, now that Newmans’s gone, the hardest guy to pass in the sport.”

“One of the best guys, if not the best guy to block you or Aero block you. He knows exactly where to put his car to defend against you even though you are better.”

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Kraft mentions that even though they were faster than Logano, they could not overtake him for the first 10 laps.

He concluded by mentioning, “It was just frustration on Bubba’s part.”

Bubba Wallace is not happy with a second-place finish

Bubba Wallace was seen to be highly disappointed with himself during the post-race interview at Michigan, despite coming in second place.

USA Today via Reuters

“Second doesn’t get you in the playoffs,” Wallace said. “This is way worse than Daytona. Daytona, we kind of just fell into that one. This one we had the car.”


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As the #23 driver said, this time they even had the car required to push for the win, but due to some mid-race adjustments and the block from Logano, he could not muster up a win.

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With barely a few races remaining, there is still hope for Bubba Wallace to push for that one race win he needs to get through to the Playoffs.

Moreover, there’s a Superspeedway race at Daytona coming up, and Wallace is known to perform well at a track like that. Now only time will tell if he can grasp that win.

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