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“Go Over There & Fight Kevin Harvick” – Joey Logano’s “Jacka**” Dad Admits He Could’ve Ruined Son’s NASCAR Career

Published 02/26/2023, 5:23 AM EST

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Parents are always going to be protective of their children, regardless of the situation. However, sometimes, parents can get a little overprotective. Instead of helping them, things can sometimes backfire. Such was the case for the two-time Cup Series Champion, Joey Logano, and his dad.

During a recent interview, Logano’s dad mentioned how he nearly ruined his son’s career. Meanwhile, Logano also mentioned how his dad should have let him fight his own battles. However, he maintained that he still loved his father despite the friction between them.


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During the interview with Graham Bensinger, Logano’s dad said, “I wear my emotions on my sleeve. At that point in time, if I told Joey to run through a brick wall, he’d run through a brick wall. If I go tell Joey, go over there and fight Kevin Harvick. He’ll go over there and fight Kevin Harvick. I was a jackass…”.

Then the Team Penske driver said, “I love my dad. He’s got a huge heart, and he’s really really smart. But there’s also a point where you have to let your kids figure it out and fight their own fights.”

Joey Logano’s dad mentions the “stupidest” thing he ever did


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The clip cuts back to Logano’s dad, who mentioned the “stupidest” thing that he had ever done. He mentioned that they were running the Hooters Pro Cup in Florida.

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Apparently, the officials called a penalty on Joey Logano. So his father went to confront the officials who were on the pit road. However, after the official ignored him, Logano’s dad “ripped the headset off the guy’s head.” He went on to put the headset on himself and continued to yell at the tower.


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During the same interview, he admitted that he couldn’t have made a worse decision than that, while mentioning that he could have ruined his son’s career. Later on, Logano mentioned how he can’t “shake that” memory of his dad fighting with him in a professional race setting.



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