Denny Hamlin is one such polarizing icon in the NASCAR world who is as much loved as he is disliked. He has a mix-and-match of a pleasing personality and also sometimes a cocky demeanor. Whatever the case, Hamlin remains one of the most trustworthy drivers for Joe Gibbs. Since the beginning of his career, in the NASCAR Cup Series, Hamlin has roared behind the wheels of the No. 11 Joe Gibbs Racing Car spontaneously.

Hamlin recently had a deep conversation with Kevin Harvick. In Harvick’s 12th episode of Happy Hour Podcast, the 23XI owner provided some meaningful insights about the exhilarating world of motorsports. The iconic duo exchanged words about various functionalities of NASCAR. However, Denny remaining in the spotlight expressed his deep gratitude to Joe Gibbs for providing everything he has. Hamlin also shared how he nowadays actively mentors Ty Gibbs, his teammate, and grandson of Joe Gibbs.

Hamlin’s Generosity in Mentoring Joe Gibbs’ Grandson


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Ty Gibbs’ racecraft this season seems to be upgrading race by race. Ty is presently ranked 2nd in the Cup Series standings. It is not known to many that Ty Gibbs debuted his first Cup Series Career Race under the banner of Denny Hamlin’s 23XI back in 2022.

Denny Hamlin said, “It’s good. I mean I’ve you know kind of Taken Ty(Gibbs) under my wing, I’d say that you know as a mentor. I’m probably more of a mentor to Ty than any of the other Gibbs drivers. We travel together, we do a lot of talking”. 

In the continuity of his statements, Hamlin expressed,I know it’s very important for Joe is Ty’s success. And I think that, you know, he really leans on me to be that you know kind of adult figure.”

Forecasting a promising career for Ty Gibbs, Hamlin asserted, “I would definitely take very seriously, is that you know this is a kid that’s going to be in the sport for a very long time. He’s gonna lead the legacy of Joe Gibbs racing, as a driver for many many years.”

“What can I do to help him? knowing that one day when I turn in the keys my team will be competing against them.” going in all emotional, confessed Hamlin. “It’s my job to give back to the Gibbs family because they’ve been so good to me over the course of my career. They’re the ones that took a chance on me. I mean, I had nothing when I came in and signed with Joe Gibbs Racing. They believed in me and my ability and they stuck it out with me when things weren’t all that great at times. So it’s a family.

Can Denny Hamlin pay back Joe Gibbs with a Championship Title this Season?


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Apart from 2013, Hamlin has never missed qualifying for the playoffs. This Cup Series Season marks the 20th season Hamlin is participating in. Denny Hamlin debuted in the NASCAR Cup Series races back in 2005 at the Kansas Speedway for JGR. Since then, his quest for the Cup Series Title has always been a highly debated topic.

Hamlin has the record of winning the most number of races as a driver in the NASCAR Cup Series history, while not being able to win a Cup Series Championship.

The No. 11 Joe Gibbs Racing driver, in his career till now, started in 655 races. Out of them, he has garnered 52 wins(7.93%), 222 top-5 finishes(33.89%), and 341 top-10 finishes(52.06%).


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However, considering the ever-evolving and ever-challenging landscape of NASCAR, nothing can be guessed. Yet, there are people, who still love him, and are his die-hard fans. They wish Denny Hamlin to fill the empty space he has, with the Championship Trophy this season!

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