HEARTWARMING: Twitter Sports Dedicates its Home Page to NASCAR Driver Bubba Wallace

June 23, 2020 5:58 pm

Twitter Sports put up a heartwarming gesture to show their support to NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace. Last Sunday, a noose was found in Bubba’s garage as a hate gesture.

The incident garnered massive criticism online and the whole NASCAR grid rallied behind Bubba to extend their support to the African-American driver.

After that, Twitter posted a special profile picture, cover picture, and bio to extend their support to Wallace. NASCAR revealed the special gesture in a tweet.

After the incident, Bubba posted his thoughts on Twitter. And many stars of the sporting world rallied behind Bubba after the noose incident. Seven-time Cup Series champion Jimmie Johnson, Dale Jr, and Lebron James posted tweets in support of Bubba.

NASCAR put up a heartwarming pre-race show in support of Bubba Wallace

Yesterday, NASCAR drivers put up a massive show of solidarity for Bubba. Before the race, drivers pushed Wallace’s car to the front of the grid and the whole crew walked behind him as a show of their support. Wallace was overwhelmed with the gesture and broke down crying.

Bubba Wallace was the NASCAR’s flagbearer in their fight against racial discrimination. After the George Floyd incident, Bubba was one of the first drivers to open up about the issue. And after his call, the whole squad rallied behind him to show their support for the movement.

After that, Bubba appeared on national television and called NASCAR to ban the ‘confederate flag’. He said, “No one should feel uncomfortable when they come to a race. It starts with confederate flags. Get them out of here. They have no place for them.”

On his call, NASCAR announced a ban on the flag or any use of the confederate flag on t-shirts or banners.

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