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Homestead Motorway Lauds Jimmie Johnson with a Remarkable Retirement Honor

Homestead Motorway Lauds Jimmie Johnson with a Remarkable Retirement Honor

In the past, Homestead-Miami has witnessed Jimmie Johnson take all of his seven Cup Series championships. And to commemorate this special connection the track has a special gift for Johnson.

The Homestead-Miami Speedway announced that Turn 3 also called the Southernmost tunnel will be renamed “Jimmie Johnson’s Southernmost Tunnel.”  Additionally, it will feature an artwork with an image of Johnson and his seven NASCAR Cup Series trophies as well as his car number, 48.

They announced it in a tweet yesterday. They wrote,To honor @JimmieJohnson‘s seven @NASCAR Cup Series championships earned here at Homestead-Miami Speedway, we are renaming the Turn 3 tunnel in his honor. Jimmie Johnson’s Southernmost Tunnel will greet competitors and fans entering the infield.”

It’s an incredible honor: Jimmie Johnson

After the announcement, Jimmie said, “It’s such an incredible honor to have this tunnel renamed for me,”.

After that, he talked about how it will be different as Miami won’t be the season’s final race this year. He said that It will be weird not to drive in Homestead without the familiar intensity.

Johnson’s seven championships included a streak of five straight years, from 2006-10, in addition to 2013 and 2016 came in the historic track. And the driver has a special connection with Homestead-Miami.

Johnson talked about how the track holds a special place, He said, “I have so many years in the past as we were in contention for championships. So many incredible memories were made at this track, I will always remember how special this place is to me.”

He added, “It’s a special track. That’s been the championship track. There’s just this energy around a champion being crowned that I’ve always associated with the racetrack. And I’ve been back to do media events, and it’s amazing how I show up at that deal it still hits my gut.”

After that, he added, “So they go there this year and not be the championship race will be a much different experience. I’m glad I won’t have many there without that experience. I love the pit it puts in my stomach. The impact of champions weekend will always be there. So, I’ve loved that feeling when I go to the track.”

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