“How About They Don’t Run Any Races?”, A Truck Series Team’s Daytona Exit Surprisingly Makes Fans Happy

Published 01/24/2024, 9:38 PM EST

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Last year, G2G Racing had their #47 truck in three different races, each time with a new driver. They also put the pedal to the metal in 17 races with their #46 truck, handing over the keys to seven different drivers. But this year, Toby Christie declares it looks like Glory 2 God Racing won’t be at the starting line for the 2024 Daytona 500. They were in the thick of it at Daytona in 2023 with the #46, but now they’re short a driver.

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The team first came into existence in May 2021. Tim Veings announced on Instagram that he’d gotten his hands on some trucks from Kyle Busch Motorsports and was jumping into the Truck Series with his own team. But it looks like they’re going to take it slow again this year, just like they did in 2022.

Till now, G2G Racing has had more than 15 drivers take their trucks for a spin


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Tim Viens and his team have been switching it up between Toyota and Ford, with 31 races under their belt and a lineup of 15 different drivers. Back in early 2022, G2G announced that Johnny Sauter, Tim Viens himself, and Roger Reuse would all share driving duties for their #47 truck throughout the year. However, Sauter’s first race with them at Daytona didn’t go as planned, ending with a mechanical issue and finishing P35. Meanwhile, Brennan Poole has been the go-to guy for G2G Racing, racing ten times with them over two years.

In 2023, Andrew Gordon gave the #47 truck a go at Bristol Dirt, but they switched things up and used a Ford instead of their usual Toyota. Sadly, Gordon didn’t qualify. Viens took a turn at Kansas, finishing P36, and Dawson Cram ended up at P35 at Darlington. For the #46 truck in 2023, Norm Benning filled in at Daytona, replacing Johnny Sauter. Brennan Poole was back at it in Las Vegas, overcoming some issues to finish 33rd. He did better at Kansas with 20th place but dropped to 36th at Darlington.


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All in all, G2G Racing has clocked in 2,550 laps in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series, with an average start of 31.2 and a finish of 30.1. Looking ahead, 32 trucks are gearing up for the season kick-off at Daytona International Speedway on February 16. Besides that, there’s talk that G2G might change their truck numbers in 2024 to avoid confusion with Faction46’s similarly numbered truck.

As per motorsportswire.usatoday.com, on December 9, Faction46 decided to join the NASCAR Truck Series party for the 2024 season. They’ve decided to put Thad Moffitt in the driver’s seat of their #46 truck, with Niece Motorsports lending a hand in putting it all together. But G2G Racing has been racing with that same number too! They’ve been hitting the track with their own #46 truck in a bunch of races in 2023.

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To clear up any confusion, G2G Racing hopped on social media on December 7. They announced they’re going to shuffle their truck numbers for the 2024 NASCAR season. Indeed, they haven’t really turned heads with their performance yet, but who knows? This switch-up might just be the fresh start they need. Right now, their #47 truck has been popping up now and then.

Looking at 2024, it probably makes sense for G2G Racing to focus on their #47 truck as the main player. They could bring in the #74 as their backup. And well, they might even play around with the #48 truck, keeping their lineup smooth and in order. However, no matter what changes they make—numbers or drivers—fans would be happy to not see them on the track at all.

Meanwhile, the Truck Series team’s 2024 absence has sparked quite a reaction among fans on Reddit

Following Toby Christie’s announcement, it’s evident that fans are not exactly jumping on the bandwagon for the team’s return.


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Enthusiasts didn’t mince words, with one commenting, “Now this is a downfall worth praying for.” Another quickly added, “How about they don’t enter any races?

Someone else pointed out the harsh reality, saying, “They likely wouldn’t have qualified, even if they attempted the race. The truck entry list is looking to be large for Daytona so likely around 5-8 trucks will miss the show and they were for sure going to be one of them.”

A fan threw a sarcastic jab, saying, “And that’s the real glory 2 god,” while another remarked bluntly, “And nothing of value was lost.” 


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Some fans were frankly surprised G2G Racing lasted as long as they did. They said, “I’m shocked! Shocked I tell you! I mean Tim Veins is a respected businessman who has vast knowledge of the sport and has always handled business with respect and honor…… actually I’m not. Surprised he made it this long,” and “They wouldn’t have made it anyway.” It looks like G2G Racing’s potential absence from the track in 2024 hasn’t exactly broken any hearts among the racing community.



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