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Danica Patrick isn’t just famous for tearing up the NASCAR track; she’s also got a knack for grabbing headlines with her outspoken views. Also, the buzz around her love life is equally famous. She’s been married once and has had her fair share of romances. But, as per the latest update, it sounds like she’s been through the wringer. And these days, she’s taking a good, hard look at herself and learning from the past. She’s all about spotting old habits and making sure she doesn’t fall into the same old traps, meeting the same type of folks over and over again.

Danica Patrick talks about self-sabotaging

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Talking about Patrick’s dating life, it’s been pretty much a wild ride filled with ups and downs that have really shaken her to her core. Patrick recently got real about this in an interview, mentioning how her romantic relationships woke her up to some hard truths about herself.


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In a heart-to-heart with Doug Bopst, where they dug into all sorts of stuff like bouncing back, healing, and ditching the need to be perfect, Danica shared her take on relationships. She laid it out plain and simple from her own experience, saying“I mean relationships can ruin a version of you. I mean, that’s absolutely true, right? So, if we’re stepping into growing and evolving, there’s an old version of you and an old pattern um that sometimes needs to be healed, balanced, and ultimately die to the new version to letting that pattern go and emerging into a new one um as essentially like a different person.”

She also confessed that she used to fall for guys who were tough on her or just weren’t emotionally there. She put it like this: “The days of finding someone, so at least to like attract someone that would be hard on me and like emotionally unavailable.” The reason behind this pattern is pretty intriguing.

She said, Because that was kind of like my dad. But I realized that I would do that because I not because there was something to figure out with like my dad. It was because I acted like my mom. Where I would self- abandon. I wouldn’t prioritize my own feelings and what I want and my boundaries or standards or whatever they were and speak up for myself.” But once she worked through these issues and healed, she noticed a big shift—she wasn’t drawn to the tough or distant type of people anymore. Yet, what did her previous romances actually look like?

The former IndyCar driver has had her fair share of high-profile relationships


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The racer was once married Paul Edward Hoespenthal in 2005. However, come 2013, the duo parted ways, with Patrick later calling the relationship toxic. 


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“I was in a relationship where I was forced to choose (between my husband and my parents),” she had explained last year, while also revealing how she was “manipulated” by her ex-husband.

After that chapter closed, she dated NASCAR’s own Ricky Stenhouse Jr for nearly five years. Right before they called it quits in 2017, Danica had reportedly been thinking and talking about tying the knot again and starting a family. Unfortunately, that’s not the way it went. 


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Later, she was also linked to NFL star Aaron Rodgers, whom she first met at the 2012 ESPY Awards, but started dating only in 2018. As per reports, Aaron was always there for her, supporting her in all her endeavors, but it seemed tough for her to be with someone who wasn’t close to her family. They ended up splitting in 2020.

Not long after parting ways with the Green Bay Packers legend, Danica started seeing Carter Comstock, a co-founder of a meal prep company. That relationship lasted almost a year, ending in March 2022. However, nowadays, Danica is flying solo, except for her two adorable dogs, Dallas and Ella, and she seems pretty content with her life.