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Ahead of the Cup race weekend at Darlington Raceway, Hendrick Motorsports’ 2021 NASCAR Cup Series champion embraced his role as a devoted girl-dad. Kyle Larson whisked his daughter Audrey Layne Larson away for a stylish sixth birthday celebration in Paris, accompanied by his wife Katelyn. Larson captured the heartwarming moments of their trip in a compilation video and shared it on his social media pages.

The family’s Parisian adventures included a baking session with Audrey, a shopping spree, and soaking in the city’s vibrant nightlife. They also made sure to capture memories with multiple photos at the iconic Eiffel Tower. However, there was no plan for him to join the ladies in the first place. But when he got the opportunity, HMS No. 5 decided to finally crash that party, as he revealed himself in a recent media interaction.

Kyle Larson joined Taylor Swift’s concert, shocking the NASCAR world

In the pre-race interview, Bob Pockrass asked Kyle Larson about his brief Paris tour. Pockrass jokingly asked if there was anything in the air about Paris that would boost his mental ability ahead of the 1100-mile race. Larson stated that it was his first trip to Europe, and it went quite well.

Larson replied, “No, I mean, I’ve never I had never gone to uh Europe before, and it just lined up nice. Where we had a small little window to make it there and it was my daughter’s birthday. So um you she’s been wanting to go see Paris or not Paris but Taylor Swift. And I’ve been wanting to go to Europe and it worked out. So, I kind of crashed that party, cuz originally it was supposed to be like a girls trip. And I wanted to go so, I crashed the party a little bit. But no, it was fun to go and see a new place and you get to see that concert. And um, just kind of see how the world is different a little bit, on that side of the country.”

“So yeah, it was a good time, good to kind of get sort of one little I guess, last bit of relaxation maybe before a hectic couple weeks. But um, yeah, was good that it all worked out. And the weather was good in both places,” he added.

Attending a full-fledged Taylor Swift concert in Paris stood out as a highlight of the 2021 Cup champion’s trip. Is Larson becoming a Swiftie?

Has Larson started liking Taylor Swift?

Larson sported a t-shirt featuring Swift’s image, and his wife and daughter donned vibrant attire. This turn of events came as a surprise to many of Larson’s fans, given his past critical remarks about the pop star on social media and in interviews. Larson was questioned about his potential shift to becoming a Swiftie after previously not supporting Taylor Swift. He refuted these claims, stating that his minimalist approach at the event extended to wearing only a friendship bracelet. Which he did just because his wife insisted.

Kyle Larson is all set to drive the No. 5 Hendrick Motorsports Chevrolet, featuring a special throwback scheme honoring Terry Labonte. The scheme pays tribute to the two-time Cup Series champion. Larson has delivered a strong performance, securing three top-two finishes and leading 270 laps across his six starts with HMS at Darlington. The throwback event, a highlight for fans, celebrates NASCAR’s heritage by having drivers sport retro paint schemes. Larson’s homage to Labonte is especially poignant, as Labonte’s final NASCAR Cup Series victory occurred at Darlington Raceway.

Let’s see how things work out for the table topper at Darlington’s track. What are your predictions?