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“I Have No Idea Who I’m Talking To”: Noah Gregson and Kyle Busch Shares a Hilarious Mid-Race Moment

“I Have No Idea Who I’m Talking To”: Noah Gregson and Kyle Busch Shares a Hilarious Mid-Race Moment

Kyle Busch

Noah Gregson had an awkward moment with Kyle Busch during the NASCAR Xfinity race at Bristol. During the race, Noah was talking to the FS1 studio crew. However, He had no idea who he was talking to.

A Reddit user by the name of ‘littleman1988‘ posted a clip of the whole incident. It happened during the 94th lap of the race. Noah was trying to move forward in the last laps of stage 1.

Noah Gregson isint sure who he’s talking to from NASCAR

Kyle and Noah’s Hilarious Mid-race conversation

Noah was live on air with the Fox Sports 1 studio team. During their conversation, Kyle asked, ” Hey Noah, Do you even know who you are talking to?”. Noah replied, “Not a clue”

Kyle was surprised to hear his answer and started smiling. He replied, “Good talking to you buddy. We will let you dwell on that one for a while and wish you best for the rest of the race”

After that, everyone started laughing in the studio. And Noah realizes that he was talking to Kyle Busch. Noah said apologizingly to Kyle, “Oh shit, my bad”.

The other commentator mockingly said to Kyle that he got a new nickname. People use to call you rowdy back in the days. And now he is the mystery man. Kyle replied laughingly that he will just add it to the list. He now has more nicknames than he can even count or remember.

Kyle Busch and Kurt Busch talked about their on-track incident at Kentucky 2019

After the hilarious chat with Noah, Kyle Busch talked about the last year’s race at Kentucky. He and his brother Kurt were fighting for the lead till the last hours of the night race. They were racing very furiously when Kyle pushed Kurt toward the side barriers. Kurt was able to defend and won the race.

The Busch brothers talked about the hilarious off-track events that followed after.

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