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“I Pinned Him Against the Wall” – Denny Hamlin Reveals His Recent Confrontation With Hendrick Motorsports Star

Published 02/11/2023, 9:30 AM EST

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USA Today via Reuters

The high-speed world of NASCAR racing is no stranger to tempers flaring between drivers. The intense competition and the close quarters of short-track racing only add fuel to the fire. One small mistake or bump from another driver can quickly escalate into a full-blown feud on the track.

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Something like this happened during the race at the LA Coliseum earlier this month. Recently, during an interview, Denny Hamlin, explained how he pinned another driver against the wall after he was confused by who spun him out.


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What did Denny Hamlin say?

Hamlin stated,When the race is over, right there’s so many people that plowed into each other. Thinking okay, well where’s the fight? I get out of my car and I got one arm you know? Well surely someone’s coming from this side of the wreck because I’m sure I caused the wreck. So everyone just kind of looked around staring at each other. Couldn’t figure out who to…”

The JGR driver then pointed to the screen and said, “William Byron right here. I pinned him up against the wall after the race because I was like, dude why’d you spin me out after the crash? He’s like, but Harvick… He spun me out. He’s like, but I got hit by Noah. So it’s like everyone’s mad at the wrong person.”


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What happened at the LA Coliseum with Hamlin?


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Hamlin found himself facing the other way, not just once but twice throughout the race. The first blow came when Hamlin was hit by none other than his arch-enemy, Ross Chastain. This, in turn, would reignite the feud between the two.

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After the chequered flag dropped and Martin Truex Jr crossed the line to win the event, things hadn’t calmed down yet. Hamlin once again found himself spun around. This time it was a slew of cars, whose chain reaction led to Hamlin’s spin. Kevin Harvick first hit Byron, who in return went straight into the back of Hamlin. Next thing you know, the number 11 car is facing the wrong direction.


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As Hamlin took his sweet time to correct his car, the other half of the grid patiently just waited for him to clear out. The utter chaos was evident in such a close-quartered racing event. No wonder Hamlin decided to pin Byron against the wall later on after the race. He, too, had no clue what had transpired behind him.

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