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While the Cup Series champion, Brad Keselowski got a respectable top-10 finish at Phoenix this past Sunday, the earlier races of 2024 saw the #6 driver in a different light. Keselowski earned a reputation for being in the wrong places at the wrong time as he got involved in two crashes that got him out of contention. Last year at Phoenix also he got into a crash with Bubba Wallace.

Even though RFK Racing‘s Phoenix performance this year was a breather for Keselowski and the team, the DBC podcast crew couldn’t help but remind themselves of the wreck involving Bubba Wallace and the veteran from the previous year.

The DBC crew revisits the Bubba Wallace-Brad Keselowski tussle from last year in Phoenix


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Brad Keselowski has been chasing his win, looking to redeem himself and put an end to his winless streak of 100 races. The veteran last won a race when he was in Team Penske, driving their Ford in 2021 at Talladega. While the #6 driver was eyeing his first-ever Daytona win this year, things went wrong when the ‘Big One’ collected Keselowski, handing him a below-30 finish. This got him in the headlines but not the way he was hoping for. Now coming to the podcast ‘Door Bumper Clear‘, Freddie Kraft and TJ Majors had a friendly back-and-forth going on when they reminisced about the showdown in Phoenix last year.

With the #23 and #6 cars of Wallace and Keselowski getting into a crash last year, Kraft expressed his frustration, saying, “That one at Phoenix last year, I wanted to k**l him, cos he was like the end of the race, right?” Kraft then went on to reveal what Bubba Wallace thinks of all this.

Oh, yeah, we don’t care. I don’t know if you know this but Bubba doesn’t give a sh*t about much,” he revealed. Apart from their collision at Phoenix last year, Wallace and Keselowski were also involved in a crash at the Auto Club 400 in NASCAR’s second race of 2022 in Fontana.

Bubba Wallace got into the back left corner of Brad Keselowski as the latter moved down the track. The resulting contact turned the 6-car sideways. Wallace later apologized for the crash.

For Keselowski, it has been a challenging start with disappointing finishes at Daytona and Atlanta. But after a fourth place finish in Phoenix, will he be able to revive his playoff hopes?

Will Keselowski be able to make it to the playoffs this year?


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Fortunately for Keselowski, things did not go down in Phoenix as they did at Daytona and Atlanta. The 40-year-old went home with his first top-10 finish, placing fourth, two positions after driver Chris Buescher. While the driver seems like he might have found his rhythm, his playoff dreams seem to have hit a snag, owing to how things went down in the first three races of the season.


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Even though his #17 driver, Chris Buescher made it to the 16th spot in the standings after Phoenix, Keselowski is sitting back at 22nd. Keselowski had a rough ride with finishes of 33rd at Daytona and Atlanta as well. Now, Bristol is one track at which the veteran might be able to turn things around. He’s found victory lane there three times before, boasting an average finish of 16.3, and has racked up six top-5s and nine top-10s. So, Bristol might be where they get that much-needed boost and Keselowski ends his drought.


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