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“I’m Not Sure What to Expect”: Brad Keselowski Talks About The New Race Package For Talladega

“I’m Not Sure What to Expect”: Brad Keselowski Talks About The New Race Package For Talladega

In a recent interview, NASCAR Cup Series driver Brad Keselowski talks about the upcoming package updates for Talladega and how it will impact the racing.

Brad was talking to Fox NASCAR’s Bob Pockrass last week. In the interview, he talks about how the updates will change the blocking strategy for all drivers. Bob posted a clip from the interview on his Twitter.

He writes, “Brad Keselowski has been outspoken about blocking at Daytona and Talladega. How he thinks the new package at Talladega will impact driver strategy on blocking”

Brad Keselowski unsure of how the racing will be affected

Team Penske driver Brad Keselowski said, “I’m not sure what to expect. The list of changes is so big that I’m having a hard time thinking, how it will affect the drive”

He added, “Small variations in how the car drives can have a big difference in how they perform. There is going to be a lot of learning in the race”

Ryan Newman’s Daytona crash prompted the change

In February, NASCAR driver Ryan Newman got into a horrific crash. And bore multiple life-threatening injuries after his car launched in the air and landed roof first. However, he is well now and back on the grid.

The incident prompted NASCAR to make the change to improve the safety in the high-speed, high-banked tri-oval tracks like Daytona and Talladega. NASCAR worked with Ryan Newman and Roush Fenway Racing team to figure out what areas need improvement to prevent such incidents.

Recently, NASCAR informed the teams about the updated safety regulations for the stated tracks. Check the full rule change here.

Recently, NASCAR Sr VP John Probst said, “We actually had three crashes, we had him getting into the wall, which was a substantial event by itself, him getting on his roof, impacted by the 32 [of LaJoie], which was a substantial event, that put him airborne, then he landed again on his roof,”

He added, “A lot of these things are almost impossible to role play out as we’re designing cars.”

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