“I’m Taking All That Sh** Out” – Dale Earnhardt Jr Reveals How He Spends the Day at the Beach as He Sparks a New Debate

Published 03/09/2023, 12:06 PM EST

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Dale Earnhadrdt Jr is one of the most loved personalities in NASCAR. Though he still drives in Xfinity Series occasionally, he is mostly busy managing his diverse business interests, including JR Motorsports and Dirty Mo Media. However, he makes it a point to keep his fans entertained. His avid fans never miss engaging with his posts online, even if it means starting a debate!

Dirty Mo Media’s podcasts are among the most followed ones in the motorsports world, featuring candid conversations with former and active drivers, team-owners, spotters, experts, and media personalities. Recently, while talking with long-time associate and co-host Mike Davis, Junior said something that is bound to divide the room.

Dale Earnhardt Jr calls himself traditional!


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Dale Jr and Dirty Mo Media shared a video on Instagram, captioned, “I can’t be alone on this one. What type of beachgoer are you? #TeamDale or #TeamMike.” In the video, he talked about different types of people that go to the beach. Dale Jr said that whenever he goes to a beach, he always finds people with a lot of articles like chairs, toys, etc. 

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He said that he is, in the traditional sense, like most other beachgoers, adding, “I’m taking all that sh** out there. I ain’t sitting out there for an hour. I’m gonna go out there and spend four hours.

“I’m 100% willing to put all sh** together, load it up, you know, and I’m 100% willing to put all the sh** back in the box in the car and bring it home and wash all the freaking sand off and I’m happy to do all of this work.” He certainly finds spending the day out on the beach quite satisfying. 


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Dale Jr made fans choose a side!

Several fans replied to the caption, with many agreeing with Junior. A few creative fans, not choosing either side, came up with categories of their own. Check out different reactions from the fans. 


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A post shared by Dale Earnhardt Jr. (@dalejr)

“Team Beach side tiki bar”

“You gotta get out there and establish a beachhead #teamdale”

“I treat the beach the same as the river. It’s an all-day event, or until we run out of beer anyway.”


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“#TeamDale. If I’m going out there and dealing with the beach, then I’m doing it right. Load the wagon, bring the chairs, tent, and cooler.”

“I’m the minimalist, me by myself with a blanket, towels, and a tote bag and I’m staying for hours”

Even Junior’s wife Amy commented on the post, saying, “Maybe someday he will remember the toddlers won’t sit that long.”


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After all, Junior was NASCAR’s Most Popular Driver for fifteen consecutive years for a reason. He knows how to warm up to people and to make a place in their hearts, even when he is not racing. 

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