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Stock car racing is a team sport, and without team support, it’s tough for racers to get where they want to be. But imagine what would happen if you are already an established NASCAR racer, but your team isn’t sure about giving you the required push? That’s a rough phase for any driver. A similar situation has arisen for Chase Elliott and Alex Bowman.

Chase Elliott and Alex Bowman, who are having a tough time winning races this cup season, might face some serious issues in terms of team support. Jeff Gordon, the vice chairman of Hendrick Motorsports, made some interesting revelations on the same topic. According to Gorden, the team is not yet sure about giving the two racers the required help. 

Jeff Gordon Revealed Hendrick Motorsports’ No-Push Plan for Chase Elliott & Alex Bowman Amid the Playoff Rush


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Chase Elliott and Alex Bowman are two established drivers of Hendrick Motorsports. But their luck on tracks hasn’t been shining much in this cup series. Both Elliott and Bowman are yet to have their first win in this cup series. So there’s nothing wrong in saying that – at this point, Hendrick Motorsports need to invest more attention and resources into both drivers. But Jeff Gordon feels otherwise. 

During an interview with NASCAR Radio, Jeff Gordon, the co-owner of Hendrick Motorsports, talked about the team’s plan for Elliott and Bowman with playoffs just a few races away. Gordon mentioned that he has full faith in his team and said, “You know our race teams and our drivers and crew chiefs are capable are capable when things fall in place so. I’ve got complete faith that they can do this in the coming up weekend. Or the weekend after that…” 

Having a trustworthy crew, Jeff Gordon doesn’t have plans of shifting the necessary resources toward Elliott and Bowman, to help them join Kyle Larson and William Byron in playoffs. Talking about the same, Gorden said, “There’s not been conversations yet where we start going, okay guys, you know now we’ve got to start helping out the 48 or the 9. We got to get them, you know, into the playoffs.”

Jeff Gordon, adding to his previous statement, said “I know the crew chiefs and the way that they communicate, and they’re talking about it a little bit here and there, but we have not gone into meetings and strategized on how we’re going to do that just yet. But we might be a few races away from, you know, those conversations starting.” 

“what are you saying it look like chase had a chance to help bowman at Atlanta last week and i did not see him even try to give a push the hold time he was running behind him. yea right teams helping teams all I’ve seen is they are all for themselves”

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So it’s clearly not good news for Chase Elliott & Alex Bowman, as Hendrick Motorsports is in a dilemma about how and when to start thinking about putting in the required resources for the two. When fans got to know about this news, they were equally surprised and shared their unique reactions on SiriusXM NASCAR Radio’s Twitter post. 

Fans Shared Intriguing Reactions in Response to Jeff Gordon’s Reality-Check


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After SiriusXM NASCAR Radio shared their conversation with Jeff Gordon, where he talked about Chase Elliott and Alex Bowman, fans were clearly surprised by Gordon’s statement. They shared their reactions in the comment section. 

A fan sharing his views on Gorden’s remarks said, “I highly doubt they’re not already pumping the 9 with resources and attention….we all know if it came down to it, the 48 is getting the short stick at HMS cause he’s not popular enough.” Another fan criticizing the two NASCAR drivers said, “Two mid-drivers, unfortunately.”


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“what are you saying it look like chase had a chance to help bowman at Atlanta last week and i did not see him even try to give a push the hold time he was running behind him. yea right teams helping teams all I’ve seen is they are all for themselves.”



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Even though Chase Elliott and Alex Bowman are having a hard getting their first win for Hendrick Motorsports, we cannot ignore the fact that both of them have got huge potential. So what if their luck isn’t working well in the series so far? NASCAR is unpredictable. Who knows, maybe things will turn around for Chase Elliott or Alex Bowman in the upcoming 7 races before the playoffs.

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