Jimmie Johnson Talks About His Health After Testing Positive for COVID-19

July 4, 2020 9:18 pm

Today, Jimmie Johnson gave a statement for the first time after testing positive for COVID-19. He talked about his health and addressed his concern for his kids.

Fox NASCAR’s Bob Pockrass posted a video of Johnson on Twitter. He wrote, “Jimmie Johnson says he has had zero symptoms and their main concern is the care of their two children”

In the video, Johnson gave a statement on his condition. he said, “Thankfully I’m asymptomatic I don’t have the fever. We don’t know how many days I’m in right now so there is some concern that my conditions could worsen. But I literally have zero symptoms.”

After that, he talked about his wife’s condition and expressed concern for his kids. He said, “My wife at the most have allergy-like symptoms which isn’t uncommon at this time of the year in Colorado, everyone in town has some kind of allergy-related symptoms.”

He added, “Our biggest concern right now is for our children. They are negative as of yesterday, we are being very responsible in our home and trying to self isolate but at the same time we have to parent and that’s really the tricky hurdle we are trying to sort out.”

“We are heartbroken”: Jimmie Johnson

Talking about his kids he said that it’s very difficult to manage parenting two small kids while fighting the disease. He said, “Thankfully, we are healthy and we hope we stay that way but for a 9 and a 6-year-old trying to manage the fear right now. As they can’t come near mom and dad. And we are concerned about passing them the virus while feeding them. On the home front with our kids we are heartbroken right now, to see the fear in their eyes and trying to manage what’s going on right now.”

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