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What will come to mind if you are asked about Jimmie Johnson’s hobbies or interests? Driving upgraded racing cars in a nerve-wracking race—is that it? You are not at fault, though; what else can people expect from a seven-time Cup Series champion? Especially when that record leveled him with the likes of legendary figures, Richard Petty and Dale Earnhardt. However, J.J. had other priorities and interests that might surprise you. In a recent video, he was seen talking about his preferences.

Jimmie Johnson’s dream car

In a recent Instagram reel by Advent Health, Johnson answers a few questions about himself, marking his preferences. When he answers about his dream car, you’ll be surprised to know what he says.


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Jimmie Johnson said, “Dream car? It’s hard to pick one dream car, but I truly enjoy jumping into an old classic car and driving around. Slowing it down and cruising around in an old car is a lot of fun.” Talking about bikes, he said, “A very lightweight road bike to climb with. I love just being in the mountains, climbing for a couple of hours on the bike and checking the view out.”


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Not only that, Jimmie Johnson even noted his favorite snack. He mainly mentions the ‘nut’ category, as he loves cashews and almonds. Talking about the best listening ear, Johnson presents that accolade to his wife. It is because, apparently, she is the one who hears Johnson the most. On the last question about who inspires him, he expressed that his children are his greatest source of inspiration at present. He focused on the importance of setting a good example for them and acknowledged that the way they regard him and look to him for guidance is what inspires him the most.


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The Hall of Fame career

Jimmie Johnson’s induction into the NASCAR Hall of Fame Class of 2024 is proof of his remarkable achievements in the racing world. Other than the seven Cup Series wins, J.J.’s unparalleled feat of securing five consecutive titles is a benchmark that stands tall in NASCAR history. His tally of 83 race wins equals that of Cale Yarborough, positioning him sixth on the all-time list and underscoring his exceptional Hall of Fame credentials.

Since the inception of the Cup Series, originally called the Strictly Stock Division, in 1949, the No. 48 car has secured 91-point race victories. Jimmie Johnson is credited with 83 of those wins, which remarkably constitutes nearly 91% of the total. The remaining eight victories were achieved by others; Alex Bowman claimed five, James Hylton took two, and Bill Norton won one at the Carrell Speedway dirt track in Gardenia, California, in 1950. All other triumphs in the No. 48 car were delivered by Johnson, driving for Hendrick Motorsports.


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Despite participating on a part-time basis, Jimmie Johnson has the potential to make a significant impact by capitalizing on the opportunities to win races. It will be interesting to observe how this approach unfolds for him.

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