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From getting into a full-fledged fight with Ross Chastain to suffering multiple DNFs, let’s just say the 2023 NASCAR season has been quite eventful for Legacy Motor Club driver, Noah Gragson. But, as one of the most polarizing drivers, Gragson isn’t one to shy away from controversies on and off the track.

Earning the nickname ‘The Problem Child’, he has caused multiple crashes during his career. Staying true to his nickname, we often see the 24-year-old cause trouble. Still, as controversial as he may be, a recent tweet from the Legacy Motor Club co-owner has fans praying for Noah Gragson.

Jimmie Johnson’s Recent Announcement Has Fans of Noah Gragson Worried


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The exploding brake rotors caused Noah Gragson to crash into the outer wall at the World Wide Technology Raceway last weekend. Although Gragson managed to walk away unscathed from the wreck, concussion-like symptoms crept up midweek.

As per the team’s website, Legacy Motor Club co-owner and 7-time NASCAR Cup Series Champion Jimmie Johnson made an announcement regarding Noah Gragson’s decision to miss the race at Sonoma Raceway.

“Noah’s health is the highest of priorities and we commend him for making the decision to sit out this weekend,” said Johnson. 

Gragson is currently undergoing treatment and will sit out the race at Sonoma Raceway this weekend. In light of this, NASCAR Truck Series veteran Grant Enfinger will be behind the wheels of the No.42 Chevy.

“My thoughts are with Noah. I know how much he loves this team and the guys on it. I’m happy to help out LEGACY MOTOR CLUB and the No. 42 team,” said Enfinger, commenting on the recent development.

Seeing this, concerned fans flooded the Legacy Motor Club’s Twitter post with wishes for Gragson’s speedy recovery.

Some said, “The second I saw that interview out of the care center something seemed wrong. I hope Noah will be alright” and “Best wishes on a speedy recovery…but health first NG!!”.

Here are some more heartwarming get-well-soon wishes from the fans.

“@NoahGragson I’m hoping for your complete and speedy recovery”

“This breaks my heart, so sorry NG. know this is tough for you, but glad you’re doing what’s right, rest up and take care of yourself, come back when you’re ready. We’ll be here when you get back, we love ya Noah and support you always! “

Unfortunately, this is not the first time fans have been worried about Gragson’s well-being

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When Noah Gragson Opened Up About His Health Concerns While Taking to Dale Earnhardt Jr

As far as winning traditions go, Noah Gragson had an unusual one up until 2022. The shotgunning beer and climbing up the catch fence with his team briefly followed by getting a tad sick, was a bit strange to say the very least.


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With his puking fits getting worse with time, fans feared a severe underlying health condition. So addressing these concerns, after his Pocono win, he said, “I held my breath for the last two laps, I think. Lap or two. Just holding your breath. It’s like if you run a mile, and you’re running at 100 percent and your heart rate’s through the roof and you’re breathing in all the smoke.”

However, this only continued, and following his Xfinity win at the Bristol last season, he appeared on Dale Jr.’s Dirty Mo Media podcast where he revealed a probable cause for his health issues.


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“It really started happening – it was actually Darlington of 2020, that first race back after quarantine. We drink like a case of White Claw every day for like six weeks. We had nothing to do, so we just go hang out at a different person’s house every day and play beer pong and drink a case of White Claw, and I don’t know if the seltzers burned a hole in my stomach, but I haven’t been the same,” Gragson said, triggering a laugh from his then-team owner, Dale Earnhardt Jr.

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