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The legend of Junior Johnson’s moonshine still at the North Wilkesboro Speedway has been around for quite some time. However, without proof or evidence, it was just a conspiracy theory that NASCAR supporters and the community enjoyed over the years. Adding another twist to the saga, the North Wilkesboro Speedway shared that they have found a possible moonshine cave.

Again, the claims do not back up the factual remains of a moonshine still, but this has allowed the NASCAR community to relive the famous legend of Junior Jonhson. But how exactly is Johnson related to the probation period, and how did he end up being one of the greatest NASCAR drivers? Let us find out.

There’s more to North Wilkesboro than just NASCAR racing


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Wilkes County, where the racetrack is located, was once the hub for the illegal liquor trade. Despite not inventing the moonshine, many secret moonshine stills were set up by the locals, and Johnson’s dad used to trade illegal moonshine. The traders back then drove modified cars that had more power and tuned suspension, which helped them escape the clutches of the law. A practice that soon gave birth to stock car racing at the North Wilkesboro Speedway.

Junior Johnson had his fair share of trouble with the law after the prohibition as he chose to compete in races. He went on to win 50 NASCAR races but was unable to clinch the championship. For years, the locals talked about a secret cave hidden within the premises of the racetrack, which was once home to an illegal moonshine distillery.

Adding more substance to this theory, the North Wilkesboro Speedway has now found cracks and underground openings during the inspection last week. Steve Swift, senior VP of operations at Speedway Motorsports, said, “Well, we haven’t found find a still (yet), but we’ve found a small cave and an interior wall that would have been the perfect location to not only make illegal liquor but to hide from the law as well. We don’t know how people would have gotten in and out, but as we uncover more, there’s no telling what we might find.”

Although the claims and developments are yet to prove the existence of an illegal moonshine still at the venue, this was enough for NASCAR fans to reminisce on one of the most famous stories in stock car racing history.

NASCAR fans react to potential findings about illegal moonshine still at North Wilkesboro Speedway


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As soon as the word about the findings of a cave at the Speedway spread, fans were quick to jump on the hype train and try to make their own assumptions regarding the old legend. A sarcastic fan suggested that this is where Junior Johnson set up his first race shop along with the illegal moonshine still. “Probably Junior Johnson’s first race shop too…🤣”.

Surprised by the whole scenario, a fan wrote, “No way! I thought that was just a myth. That’s awesome”. Chiming in with similar sentiments, another added, “Wait this is real?!?!?!. I thought this was a fake account or something wtf!?!?!?”

This was enough proof for a fan to believe that the conspiracy theory was indeed true and that Junior Johnson did run an illegal moonshine still at the racetrack. “So THAT’s where Junior Johnson kept it”.

Another fan was interested to know if they found any hidden gems from the moonshine era, “Any Junior Johnson relics unearthed yet? 💰🥃”.


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While, for the time being, it’s still just a theory and a legend but given the recent findings, the legend of Junior Johnson at North Wilkesboro is surely not beyond believing.


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