Kansas Throwback: When a Furious Brad Keselowski Ran Towards Kyle Busch After Their Crash

October 15, 2020 6:00 pm

Kyle Busch and Brad Keselowski were involved in a bit of a wild race at the Kansas Lottery 300 NASCAR Nationwide Series. While Matt Kenseth may have won the race, a throwback to where Busch and Keselowski provided the pyrotechnics on the day.

Keselowski had lost the top spot to Kenseth on lap 166 and was keen on regaining the lead. Meanwhile, Busch was trying to catch up from behind.

As a result, Busch, coming off of Turn 4, got into Keselowski’s back. This sent Keselowski turning and twisting onto the grass first, and then into the front-stretch wall.

Busch and Keselowski’s verbal spat

Really?” Brad Keselowski said on his radio as his car began to spin. Once he hopped out of it, he ran towards Busch’s pit in disgust.

I got wrecked by a dirty driver. There is no other way of putting it,” said the No. 22 Ford driver.

Brad Keselowski knows what dirty drivers are because he’s done it plenty of times,” Busch lashed out.

I have yet to wreck a person on purpose,” he also added.

Busch also maintained that his No. 54 Joe Gibbs Racing Toyota simply got tight coming off the turn, which forced the car up.

It was hard racing. There were a lot of moments where I may be felt a little crowded,” expressed Busch. “The contact that ultimately ended it, I just got real tight.”

Kyle Busch called for no retaliation

Post-race, in an interview, Keselowski was asked whether the incident would spill over to the Cup Series. “Yeah it will,” he said.

That goes to show you the kind of person Brad Keselowski is and the class he doesn’t have.

While Busch stuck to the incident being unintentional, he made a strong case for no retaliation in the Cup races. He didn’t retaliate at the Watkins Glen Cup race the year before, after being wrecked by Keselowski.

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