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Sunday is almost everyone’s favorite day of the week. For some, it’s the day they get to spend quality time with their family. For others, it’s an escape from the regular work life. Then there come NASCAR fans for whom Sunday is the most-awaited race day. But has this thought ever crossed your mind that – why most NASCAR cup races are conducted in the daytime and not night? Interesting question, right?

Well, it’s not like there are no NASCAR night races. NASCAR does conduct night cup races, but they are just a handful in numbers each season. But with the massive success of the recent night race of the NASCAR Cup series at Nashville Superspeedway, there’s a chance that we might get to see more races being conducted at night.

Taking this topic to a proper discussion, Kenny Wallace, the former NASCAR racer, discussed the idea of Sunday Night racing in one of his latest YouTube videos. 


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Kenny Wallace on Whether There Will Be More Sunday Night Races in the Future

Kenny Wallace, the former NASCAR racer and Fox reporter, now has a YouTube channel where he talks about all the important details, incidents, and news of NASCAR. The retired race car driver also runs a podcast with the name “The Kenny Wallace show”, where he’s often seen discussing some really interesting things about NASCAR racing. 

On the latest episode of “The Kenny Wallace Show”, he talked about the success of the recent night race for the cup series at Nashville Superspeedway and how that race proved night racing was an excellent idea. 

Comparing night racing with NFL and Major League Baseball events, Wallace talked about how night sports events have been, most of the time, a huge success. In this context, the former NASCAR racer said, “Now when you look at NFL or Major League Baseball. Sunday nights! And you, well, nobody’s gonna show up. Well, hold on. Sunday Night Baseball, Sunday Night Football, the grandstands are packed.”

He also added, “However, Sunday night, you saw the grandstands. Uh you know it was packed, it was sold out.”

When we talk about the NASCAR Cup series, the unanticipated success of the recent Nashville superspeedway race is proof that the idea of night races is definitely something that NASCAR should acknowledge and look forward to offering fans more often. Looking at how fans loved the last night race, there’s also a good chance that NASCAR might organize more night races in the upcoming season. 

Wallace talked about the same, giving fans clarity about future night races. He said, with a tone as if he was giving out hints, “So is there some Sunday nights in the future? Three or four! I’m saying NASCAR can pull off ‘Sunday night NASCAR’. There you go. I just, I just, named it. Sunday night NASCAR! 2-4, let’s test it.”

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The Grand Success of Ally 400 May Have Had a Major Effect on the Chicago Street Race

The seating capacity of the Nashville Superspeedway, which is approximately 38,000, was fully occupied for the Ally 400 by the fans, with all the tickets sold out hours before the race. It was clearly a successful night for Nashville Superspeedway and Ross Chastain, who won the race. 

Now, more grandstands are being installed for the Chicago Street Race and it may be because of the success of Nashville. Bob Pockrass shared the news through his Twitter account, and it could be a hint that the Chicago street course is going to see another remarkable night for NASCAR. Hearing the news, fans shared some captivating remarks on the NASCAR report’s post. 



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A fan who was worried about his seat said hilariously, “Ohhh there’s my seat! I was getting worried they didn’t plan it right…”

Another fan, who clearly seemed surprised by the news, said, “Crazy how we are a day away from cars on track, and the sh*t still isn’t done yet.” Since it’s going to be another night race, a fan was worried about lighting, so he shared his concern in the report’s comment section. He said, “Bob, are there lights on these grandstands.”

“You would think they would be ready by now….smh”, said a fan who believes there will be more new seats to be installed up until the race. From all the pre-race vibes that we are getting from social media, there’s a really good chance that this weekend’s race is going to be another success for NASCAR.


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If that happens, there might be a great chance that NASCAR might really give night-racing a good thought, and who knows, maybe the next cup season could be all about night-racing. Talking about this, do you like attending cup races at night or day? Share your preference in the comment section below.