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As the roaring engines get set to echo through the Michigan International Speedway, one name stands out among the legends – Kevin Harvick. The 2014 NASCAR Cup Series champion gears up for his final race at the 2-mile oval, closing a remarkable full-time career in the world of racing. Harvick has left a lasting impact on the sport throughout the years, and this Sunday’s FireKeepers Casino 400 is bound to be an emotional farewell. But amidst the farewell cheers, there’s a heartwarming tale involving Kevin Harvick, his son Keelan, and a special memory from 2019 that, along with a smile, saddens the hearts of the father-son duo.

Kevin Harvick’s Heartwarming Memory from Michigan

Michigan International Speedway holds a special place in Kevin Harvick’s heart, not only because of his racing triumphs but also for a truly unforgettable moment he shared with his son, Keelan, back in 2019. After securing a victory at Michigan, Harvick decided to extend the celebration to his young son by letting him ride with him in the winning car.


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Keelan’s joy knew no bounds as he hopped into the car beside his proud father, cherishing the moment that would be etched in his memory forever.

In a video shared by SHR on Instagram, Kevin Harvick is seen not only reminiscing the good days at Michigan, but also thinking about his son’s first accident in Michigan.

He said, “Oh the riding in the car tradition has definitely been a hit in my family, so Keelan I mean we would Michigan is one of my favorite places to go.”

However, amidst all the joy and celebration, a small incident added a humorous twist to Keelan’s Michigan adventures. He shared, “I think it was the day before that was probably Keelan’s first accident. We decided that we were going to let him drive the golf cart on his own. It was a little bit wet and Keelan decided that he was going to drive over into the trees to get the golf ball. well, we went to stop. Didn’t stop.”

Despite the little accident, Michigan continued to be a place of fun and treasured memories for the Harvick family. He concluded, saying, “he wound up all the way in trees big pine trees in Michigan. So he wound up face first in the trunk of a tree so but Michigan was always fun, and you got to ride in the car when we won.”


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Harvick’s Dominance at Michigan over the years

As Harvick prepares to bid farewell to Michigan International Speedway, it is impossible to overlook his remarkable dominance at the track. The seasoned racer has secured an impressive 6 Cup wins at Michigan, proving that he has been the driver to beat on the iconic oval.


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In 2022, Harvick added another feather to his cap when he broke a 65-race winless streak by emerging victorious at Michigan. The win came in the new Next Gen car, a significant change compared to the previous versions. Harvick’s adaptability and prowess were on full display as he conquered the challenges posed by the drastically different car.

As per mlive.com, he recently emphasized, “Michigan is just unique because of the speed.”

“You don’t want to miss the center of the corner. You want to be on the throttle at the center of the corner and get that good exit speed to make the straightaway as long as you can. So the less you can touch the brake pedal and the more time you can spend on the throttle to make those straightaways as long as possible, the better speed you’re going to make.”


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With Michigan’s unique characteristics, speed becomes paramount, and Harvick shares the secret to success at this track. He emphasizes the importance of hitting the center of the corner, minimizing brake usage, and maximizing time on the throttle to ensure top speed on the straightaways. And as we witness the passing of the torch, one can’t help but wonder – who will rise to seize the throne at Michigan International Speedway after the departure of the dominant Harvick?